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      I must have a six cylinder engine in the Hurricane as there are three exhaust pipes on each side. BTW the third exhaust pipe actually vents heat from the motor and esc!

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      Looking good Ron, is it ready to fly?

    • #13979

      Might have venture down there one day to watch and have a sticky beak 👍

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        Don’t do it Bodge,

        I dropped in for a look a few years ago, and now I have planes everywhere.

        Very addictive.

      • #14002

        Just give me some advanced notice Bodge & I’ll bring the “Buddy Box” along so you can have a try at “assisted” flying.

    • #13980

      Nearly. Need to install retracts, tail wheel and a few other minor bits and pieces.

      If your Albatross is finished by the next time we fly, we may have “maidens galore!”

    • #13983

      The Hurricane had the RR Merlin v12 Ron.1280 hp

      • #13984

        Thank you Ricky.

        I really should have looked that up. 😊

    • #13988

      Well, I’m ready 🙂

      Fingers crossed for some good weather now 🤞🛩👍

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        Looking good Ron, I’ll get my servos installed today hopefully and the “Pink Panther” will also be ready to maiden.

        The “Wolf” will be a bit longer as I haven’t started the main wings yet.

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      Friday’s not looking to bad?

      • #14000

        I’m not yet convinced about Friday but if you are happy with it post the calendar & I’ll come along, as I’m sure will many others. Just be sure to pack a wind liking plane or two, just in case.

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          I’m happy to wait for a better day and for other planes to be ready.

        • #14004

          Friday’s not looking as good now. Maybe Sunday?

    • #14037

      Repairs underway…

      • #14038

        Looking just like a bought one.

        Don’t forget to check the COG this time!!.

        I got the “Pink Panther” completed yesterday so she is ready to maiden next flying day as well.

        It’s already been crash tested, Pyro knocked it off the table with his tail and it broke the engine mount, luckily it was easily fixed.

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      Who said you can’t repair 3d printed planes?

      • #14042

        You better recheck your COG after the “crash test” Mike 😉

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      It could have been worse!

      • #14041

        It looks like the B25 didn’t have enough glue on it. It started to fall apart in the air!

        I better make sure I glue that nose section on properly or Kermit will have a field day!!

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      The perfect device for cutting out bad bits in wings….

    • #14332

      Just about ready for the next fly day 🤞🤞🤞

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      A bit of masking and spraying with the airbrush:


      A bit more spraying with the airbrush and now ready for another go.

      Lets hope for some good weather and a more successful flight this time.

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      They do fly!

      • #14370

        That will be me next fly day Gerald. 🙂👍

        • #14371

          We just need this wind to go away!

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      Well after rebuild number 2, I’m ready to go for the next fly day which will be Monday 4th December 2023.

      I’ve done a few sneaky modifications this time so here’s hoping it will be a successful flight and most importantly, landing!!!!

      Make sure your camera batteries are charged up Kermit!!! 🙂

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