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      Today we had our first sail at Forcett Lakes with our IOM’s.

      The weather was perfect, starting with very light winds slowly building up to the max for “A” rigs.

      A huge thanks to Pete and Ricky (Wicky) for getting permission to use the lake, setting up the buoys and launching ramp.

      I broke my jib boom after a few races, so I took over Kermit’s role and got the camera out.

      Pete (05) forgot to put the plug in his drain hole and ended up with a boat half full of water. (Lucky it was fresh water).

      Video from today,

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      1. Nice vid,good sailing🚣‍♂️🚣‍♂️
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      Bit of a weather change between the start of racing & the finish.

      Looks like a nice spot though.

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        Yes Mike, not a breath of wind when we arrived, and built up nicely as the morning went on.


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      Iv sailed that dam..  nice…  the water feeds the golf club   but you knew that didnt ya  EXCITING SAILING TO   an oh yea   fair video  cant get to chummy  unlike the fur coat

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        Predator was right about you, Frogs know nothing. There is no golf course at Forcett Waters! (now)

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      ohhh that area looks like the dam at the Lewisham turn off  down the hill to the right ……..an when did my mate ever say am full of it  ………..full of what ?

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        Yep, that’s the dam.


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      well then ya great goose  didnt ya see the golf coarse ”  to your back  ”  whats that ….  did you say sorry

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        Nope! and didn’t see any geese only swans and pelicans

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      GOOGLE EARTH    then I might accept a sorry……..I UNCLE G was wrong and you KERMIT  LA FROG were right  AS ALWAYS

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      Sorry Kermit, but I thought you was an expert on green things, but I can’t find a green anywhere just dry paddocks?

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      Looks like an ideal venue for IOM’s. Well done Wicky and Pete for making it available and getting it all ready.
      Now …. (scratches head)… where did I pack away my Italico? 😉⛵️
      Good camera work as always Uncle G!



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      This Weeks Winner

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      BOOOOOOOO     just cos he makes a video an he’s your best friend  shouldn’t entitle him (UNCLE G ) to the best video …….an the week isn’t out yet  jump’n the gun some what  Not that I really want to know but how much did he pay you    I  know its rude to ask ….just wondering how much we will have to fork out to be a winner  ……………………….just say’n

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