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      Yet another fine day greeted the skippers @ Lauderdale Canal on Saturday for a sail & BBQ.

      Weather was predicted to top 29deg (which it did late in the afternoon) but the morning was a pleasant 22deg with a light breeze and plenty of cloud cover to reduce the sun’s searing heat & glare.

      Tide was outgoing but relatively high with no floating weed (which made a change).

      We had 6 skippers, Dave W, Mike (Predator), Ron B, Linal (Kermit), Ross (Bad Angel), Pete (Pink Bits). Unfortunately Ron was minus an operational yacht & Kermit was having battery wiring issues with his Glide so only sailed for a short time. Bad Angel had his DF65, after over 6 months of storage and without even a battery charge it performed flawlessly all morning. We were also joined for a short while by Gerald (Uncle G) and Peter (from Risdon club) who dropped it to see what was happening.

      Dave W, Ron B & Pete all had to hurry away before lunch to family duties but the remainder had a pleasant chinwag over our customary BBQ lunch before heading home in the now fast increasing summer heat.

      A little bit of video from the day.


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