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      The Great Ron’s Reef Rescue (or how Kermit got a wet arse)

      Given the predicted winds & weather for today @ Lauderdale the little sail that we had went off OK.

      Yes it was a bit chilly but conditions on the water were fine for the boat of choice (DF65) for today. Ron had his DF 95 with a B rig and the 65’s were only using A sails, not the usual A+

      There were a couple of no shows today but we did have RonB, Kermit, Pete, Bad Angel & Predator all sailing at some time.

      Ron got off to a bad start with a faulty receiver in his DF65 (so whats new) and then decided to sail his DF95 instead only to end up hooked up on Rons Reef. No he didnt hit the reef as it was a very high tide today, instead he hit the sign and ended up with his back stay wrapped around  it.

      Poor old Bad Angel also got off to a bad start with his 65, he walked the mast into his house wall last week and then forgot he had split the mast till he put the boat in the water today.

      After some running repairs & a bit of tape his 65 was soon back in action only to end up joining Ron on his reef.

      Because of the high tide and the distance from the shore it was decided that as Kermit had placed the sign there many moons ago he would have to take a dip to rescue the pair.

      Ron supplied a pair of boat launching boots but the water was at least a foot deeper than the top of them.

      Due to the cold conditions at lunch time we adjourned to the hut @ our Flying Field for a BBQ lunch in relative comfort out of the wind & rain.

      Kermit has some more pics but was having a problem posting them today but there are a few more here


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      The frog is in his element – well done Kermit.


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      Well said Pete  NEE DEEP I nearly CROAKED it was so cold the ol voice did go up a few octaves wading through the canal couldn’t be sure but was bulldog throwing rocks at me out there or was it fear of falling over that sent a cold chill up my spine  anyway Predator has done a fine report on the days happening so I will put the pics up




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      RC Royalty above… all donations excepted to the back of the ute in the big white box thank you…

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