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      today was perfect we had so many sailors that we had to stop them from coming onto the floating platform as it was sinking with the weight of them all  perfect weather  was the order and the fleet took over the canal  it was bumper to stern  very little room to manoeuvre so most just sailed locked together  turning proved difficult as some were beached on Ron’s reef  whilst the others were forced to stay together due to the number of boats sailing     We sailed a few races but due to the number of boats ….winning was difficult to see as all boats crossed the line together ..  some funnies of the day was when  some of the fleet crossing the line all together  watched in amazement as a frog hopped from one boat to the next ….extraordinary   HE WAS DECLARED THE WINNER  OPPS BLOODY CAPS CAME ON    Ron B   had a rough start as his boat wasn’t performing  (unlike his bird jogging )  so with the help of our sailing god  predator he was soon back with a vengeance  sinking several boats and seriously wounding several more a very nice white big yacht expertly sailed by our own Uncle G perfectly timed his entrance into the fleet by putting two yachts  in davey jone’s locker so smartly that the owners were still looking for them as we left … with that deed done uncle retired back to the model boat clubs sail thingi      a worthy note here was predator sailing his white plastic fantastic 65 the one with his girl friends name on it   I mentioned him as he said to me if I don’t mention him he will sink my boat …… Capt’n Pete called in   but was not able to sail his 65 due to no space on the water   but our lovable kermit gave him the controls of his boat as it wasn’t working  HE ( PETE)  looked so proud standing on the pylon wobbling the control box   so the sailing finished  an the BBQ commenced   BUT THAT’S ANOTHER  STORY     BLOODY CAPS

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      From a frogs perspective I guess that is pretty close to the events of the day !!

      Thanks Kermit.

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      your very welcome

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