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      Today we were blessed with fair winds  (sailors talk  )  and a lazy breeze to damn lazy to go round you  there were ducks aplenty dogs and a moooose   all doing their thing except for the moooooose  who was wolling in the mud  nothing strange there  dear ol  RON B    found the far side of the canal but through expert seamen ship removed himself from the hard  in less than two hours  fantastic stuff   Predator brought his very big long yacht thingi along very impressive ………..chasing the boats around  just a nudge from that thing would put you in Davy Jones locker real quick with predators failing eyesight  and non existent  hearing  you had to be alert RON B  sailed for a whole half hour when he heard  the call of the far side and decided to visit    moose was by this time experimenting with the width of the canal in the end decided to stay in the middle until intimidated by preds monster white thingi   he then decided to once again play with the mud  wise move  that left me to tangle with the monster   undaunted but the size and the aggressive tactics  I easily outmanoeuvred the monster  one could say I whipped his butt  showing once again  who’s the top dog at the canal  then it was time for the tucka at the end of the canal  were we were informed by  predator that he was moving house because the tv show  perfect house didn’t select his house for this weeks tv program so hes going to get another one so they will pick him next time  goes to show if you have a big white boat you gotta have a bigger house an get on tv   We had a short visit from the second top gun  pete  (pink bits )  just to say he hadn’t fallen from the perch  still waiting for DAVE to get back to the canal after his operation  (removal of his lungs kidneys heart liver )  i heard he’s doing just fine   so that was sailing with the gang  today as i saw it all true

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      Strange thing I know but some of Kermit’s report is true!!

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        Yes Pete, it was Today that we sailed so that word is true, the rest of it, well it will take a knowledgeable man to sort the chaff from the wheat!!, but hey we all enjoyed the sail.

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      Thanks Pete  for that vote of confidence    yes DAVE is recovering very well….  After an operation like that it is remarkable , marvellous what the doctors can do with  transplants CD printers  FROGS internal parts why i myself am a beneficiary of such an operation  yep  mine was lungs  the ol girl keeps on holding my head under the water  to test if there still working although the operation was 10 years ago  its nice to know she still cares

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      I know I have been a bit slow this week (a lot going on) but finally, here is the video from Last Saturday.

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      Well worth the wait Sooooo good to see the action from the water  an mooose would have appreciated watching this i’m sure from his usual stance on the mud flats watching the crabs fight to be on the water actual   THANKS PREDATOR

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