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      BOOOOTIFUL DAY AT THE CANAL heaps of sailors  and a lazy cold wind  whistling through ya knickers lots of fishermen doing their thing  one even caught a duck  we all got a quack out of that   god damn that was a quacker of a joke ay   predator had his IOM WEDGIE  boat in full flight  an the others had 65 and 95 ‘s  and as in RON Bs case RESTING ON HIS REEF  nothing unusual there   I had the restored 65 purring along  finding and pursuing a duck or two  long tall was present with his red flash doing just that giving predator a run for it at times to  Our own big bad DAVE was flying today in the fickle wind…….  all was Rosie…  one noticeable thing worthy of reporting was the absence of Moooose   you know that fella  who is most of the time looking for crabs on the mud flats with his boooot  ….(sure beats sailing ) for him  where was he  ?   I asked around some said he’s passed on   most said ………… bugger I cant lie   ” who’s he ”   I think that’s unfair  he hasn’t moved on  he’s just resting  an resting an resting  after all he is older that all of us put together  so you rest some more ol mooose  ………an that dear sailors was today

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      Yes, it was a fine day for canal sailing (even with the chilly wind a blowing) & the lunchtime BBQ was a classic.

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      Just a test, nothing special

      Still playing around

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