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      NICE FAIR WINDS  carried our boats sometimes swiftly  sometimes  at break neck speeds  this is what the wheel chair mob wish they could do   but this sport is for fit young aggressive individuals male and female  that in a split second can decide whether  to  chase a duck or not  it moments like that  that decides the fate of  a duck or ducks   as can be seen in this video  our sailors spared the feathered  beasties  because  we can THIS  is sports man ship unlike the white cane mob who chase their ducks  willie nillie  with noisy  coal firing engines  or gas turbine motors  just so they can chase each other in what looks like a game of tag  or follow the white boat   but I digress for this is about  true water sport  living breathing the salt air   soaking up the sunshine  all whilst commanding a SAIL BOAT  No wonder we at the sunny end of the canal  have sooo many strangers stopping and asking how can they be like us  and if their young   an look like they have the right stuff  we allow them to try gods own sport   ….TODAY was another  fine day


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      Well done Mr kermit

      Looks like a great day was had by all

      should I phone the council again

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        WELL MR MOOSE I DONT WANT THE WHITE CANE MOB getting into trouble so lets not tell ay

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        Mr moose  I don’t think it would make a pinch of difference  they will do it one day  SO narh

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      Great work Kermit – thank you

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      Could be part of the multi-million dollar upgrade they are going to do around the canal?

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      UBCLE G  I HEARD THAT THEY WILL BE  putting in a cement  drive right up to the water edge for your mob  with a special lift to take the wheel chairs  to the edge of the water  along with  a special purpose change shed for those  that have incontinence  problems  its going to a large building owing to the number in your group  AS FOR OUR END WE GET NOTHING    because were still young  and need nothing

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        Yes, you have a hole in the jetty for your incontinence problems!

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          OK OK  WE ADMIT THAT MR MOOSE DOES have a few problems an the hole is there for his personal use   but I think its so unfair for you to high light  Mr moose’s personal problem on this forum   TUSK TUSK

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