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      WHY WAS I SAILING ALONE IN THE FREEZING COLD you might ask   it was because real men sail in all conditions  be it  heat or vicious   extreme cold as it was today    I had an interesting day ALONE  I had the phantom out but due to the ice burgs in the canal sailing was difficult  ohhh I forgot to mention that   lots of big icebergs  crunching on the shore……….  drifting down the canal …….  they were just another obstacle to contend with. Near the end of the days sailing the winch stopped working on the phantom so I had to paddle out to retrieve her  so I thought I would take a few pictures  of my day that the chicken man /  mountagay / and pinkie   sooked out  because they needed to do their domestic duty’s   (as dictated by their wife’s no doubt  )    my bestest mate RON B  couldn’t be at the canal today because he was sailing elsewhere out in the real weather like a real man does  ( that’s two of us )  I’m not knocking captain chicken or  the gay fella  nor ol pete  but it does show that on a Saturday our day  only the  green amphibian  turns up  to play  on a not so a nice day


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      I guess being a Cold Blooded amphibian (frog) you wouldn’t notice the cold anyway whereas for us lesser mortals, our brain tells us to stay indoors on such days.

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