RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing @ Lauderdale Canal Sailing & Boating @ Lauderdale Canal 2022 SAILING ONCE AGAIN at the CANAL without the wheel chair mob

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      Only three sailed  today Georgie  big bad Dave and me bootiful winds light to  very light  but on the 65 and 95s  that was enough for Georgie to ram attack manoeuvre her 95 into us when ever she had the chance ( gotta love that girl )  as expected No wheel chair mob yellin hollering swearing  today so it was  peaceful  for once  To be fair it did look rough but at Lauderdale it wasn’t  AND NOT TOO COLD  fantastic   a good day

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      Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the canal today which was a bummer as I was hoping to maiden the new A Class.

      Here is the video from last Saturday when I did turn up.


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        A week to upload a video, That’s slower than Kermit!

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          Yes not up to my usual performance but I have been on a bit of a roll with the Wizzle Wozzle (after 5 years) so that’s taken priority this week.

          Well that’s my excuse anyway.

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          Good excuse

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      Kermit, as usual you have got your facts all wrong again.

      The Marine Modellers were present at the canal today (you was probably still in bed)

      And despite what you said, it was cold with showers and windy at times. We had the sense not to hang around for too long.

      As for the “yellin hollering”, if you look at my last weeks video, you can see and hear who is doing all the “yellin hollering”.

      And here is the proof, (Remember if it’s not on video it didn’t happen)

      P.S. Still waiting to see your video from today?


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      unacustomed  to replying to a post from the sinker I need to put the story right FIRST  when we come past the wheel chair mob their there now if there is no wheel chairs stacked and no wheel chair marks on the sand  what would you think  SECONDLY  we are gentlemen and women  sailors  we do not yell and rant UNLESS  the sinker comes up to our end with the intention to sink a few of us LASTLY no video because after sailing the dragon an I went to the shack for the week end so no time to produce a video an with only 3 boats that would be boring  .unlike your video MR SINKER   1 boat …….so there sinker …………………………….just say’n

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        The reason there was no wheelchairs or tracks is because we don’t use them. they are only there for visitors from the jetty.

        And here is a refresher from last weeks video clearly showing who is trying to sink who.


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      DEAREST UNCLE G     Here we go again me defending my actions  surely pushing my boat away from the jetty cant be intereperted as anything sinister   just because your boat is in the direction I pushed mine is not a reason for acusing me of trying to sink you  an another furfi from the sinker ” WE DONT USE WHEEL CHAIRS ” Well who ownes all those that are there on saturdays  and possibly an ambulance some times  ay …….  bush walkers …………………..just say’n

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