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      Tuesdays Are Back On

      It has been a rough couple of months and we are no doubt all suffering some degree of cabin fever.

      With the latest government announcement to ease restrictions it is going to be possible for our small group to get back on the water very soon.

      For our interests, commencing Monday May 18th, groups of up to ten persons are permitted to be together as long as social distancing is maintained when doing so.

      This is our ‘green light’ to recommence @ da Duck and so I have been in contact with PD management as to this being a possibility for us.

      I can now report that they are happy to have us return to sailing @ da Duck starting 19th May 2020 if we so wish.

      Whilst this is great news, there are some caveats.

      Due to PD being closed for business, no tea or coffee will be available (unless we bring our own). We cannot enter their building however they will unlock the gate at the top of the ramp to allow us access to the toilets beyond.

      In addition to refreshment it is your responsibility to also bring your own hand sanitiser and use before and after you visit the WC.

      I understand there will be some with vulnerable health conditions and/or those who have reservations about mixing in a group again so soon. If you feel that this is not right for you please, please feel free to abstain.

      As to what class we sail first, I’ll leave that up to each individual to decide. Call it “bring anything as long as it sails” (and floats) day. We can decide together what class to recommence our season with on the day anyway.

      So, that’s it chaps,  seize the day if you can.

      Looking forward at last to some Corona-free Puddleduck goodness again next Tuesday 19th May 2020.

      See you there!

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      Great news Col. Count me in. I have really missed the fun at the Duck.

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        Me too Pete, me too.

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          Its been soooooo long since I sailed with REAL people….    what do they look like….  will I fit in…. has the Corona virus eaten the RULE BOOK…… long time ago I had the corona  Wasn’t to bad a few problems with the diaphragm  very rough through the pipes  Temperature was way off too Was not a pleasant thing to behold  so I sold it  but that’s another story….. Looking forward to running rings around ol pete well may be only one run  I get winded quite quick now a days

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      If we are not flying & there are less than 10 participants, I will wander along as well with a couple of yachts & thermos of tea to keep warm.

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      Further thoughts on Tuesday sailing.
      I will be heading out to PD early to mark the bank off in 1.5m increments to aid with social distancing of our skippers.
      Perhaps a rule that there be no more than 10 boats on the water at any one time would work too. Should we get more than 10 skippers we will do our best to ensure that everyone who comes along gets a sail through rotation.
      Those skipper awaiting a sail or have finished their turn will need to be apart from the group currently sailing. Probably further around the pond or the other side altogether under the trees.
      Following June 15 we should be pretty much back to normal but in the meantime keeping our guys and their families safe is our highest priority.
      Our first sail as advertised will be a “bring anything that sails” day, so therefore it’s going to be more about catching up where we left off rather than racing per se.
      Looking forward to seeing you all again.

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