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      A sunny but cold days sailing today on the pontoon TONS of sailors wanted to PLAY with us but as a clicky group we denied them that pleasure  We had our usual 5/6 sailors an one wantabe an anamal ( a sort of mascot ) we started on the water ( as the land wasn’t suitable for tacking ) there were heaps of big boats an several bloody big boats Predator had his god (battle  whacker) boat out  capt pugwash had a similar big one out  (bit smaller) and showed great skill at missing boats “just” an then not just   the wannabe Animal I referred to in the intro was of course the Mooose who’s lack of general nautical thingies showed as once again  under fear of getting bumped he chose the mudflats to wait the 2 or more hours before the BBQ Many offered to help but was politely told    buggar off  “some what gentle words coming from the moose ” as the smaller boats were ripping apart the big boats  they often had to heave to  just to stop the big boat captains from crying  sooo embarrassing to listen to   bulldog was a starter with his beautiful black boat  but was soon out of the water with electrical issues  Capt Pete arrived with his Pink Bits just to show us mortals how futile it is to sail against pink bits  ” awesome ”  at the days end it was time to remove Moooses boat from the mud  but the friskie big buggar didn’t want to be filmed removing it from the hard So predator did it for him  but I managed to get a photo of him hiding behind a post   he has lost a lot of weight to be sure but you still can see its him   so here’s the photos  lets play spot the mooose






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      A bit late (as usual these days) but finally here is the video from Saturdays yachting @ the canal.

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