RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Saturday at the Canal 21st May 2022

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      A very low tide, a cool breeze and no sunshine, not ideal conditions for playing with boats.

      But luckily we had Scotty to keep us entertained, he turned up with his latest acquisition, a Hovercraft.

      He had also done some modifications to his airboat, which helped a bit with it’s handling.

      Short video staring Scotty again,

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      I wonder if the boat has enough power to push off a yacht from Rons Reef   COULD be a solution to an age old problem                 SCOTTIE  CAN IT

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        I don’t think so, It took him four goes just to get off the beach!

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      Yes but the boats are still in water  not on the hard (sailors talk for ground /sand )  JUST SAY’ N     so is there enough grunt on water to push   PS    I HAVE POSTED your girl slap on me  so there

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