RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Saturday at the Canal, 9th April 22

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      A bit of a mixed bag today, we had a low tide with plenty of weed showing. Nether less a few put their boats in and enjoyed the conditions.

      Not on the video Harry and I had a go with the “Airshrike” Airboats, weed was not a problem with these.

      Scotty was being brave today with his choice of vehicle, but did get airborne for a bit. But ended up ripping the float brackets off the fuselage (Hobbyking Glue)

      Might need a few refreshers at the famous “Top Gun Flight School”

      Also noticed that Kermit had a lot of friends with him up at the jetty today! (Or was it just that Bad Angel was there?)

      Here is my video from today, again in.   




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      A bit from me:

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        Oh dear oh dear oh dear, that is all.

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