RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Saturday Sail 5th Nov. 22

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      A pleasant day for playing with boats. The dreaded weed was still floating around, not too bad for the scale boats though.

      Here is my short video from the Marine Modellers end,

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      LAST NIGHT and today I have tried to load this video in HD when utube process the video it does it in SD whilst in AVE 264 then rejects it at the end of PROCESS so its now   in  in SD ….. QUESTION   who an why are two lovely chickee babes with the wheel chair mob how on earth did that mob pull in two gorgeous babes arhhh well   We were blessed with the appearance of the sinker and his mate fruit loops  ( possible new member ) UNFORTINUALLY we didn’t have as spare boat for the sinker to play with as usual …..he may from now on bring his own  twas a rough start with the weed but with skill our skippers didn’t have a problem with it and in the end the day was fantastic   Once again big bad Dave had to be restrained on the floating platform as several female joggers toddled past  ( yes he forgot his medicine ) And DENNIS wanted to test out his new yacht stick so he beached his boat  just to try it out then Georgy put hers on the hard so he could do it again what a girl   BBQ with the wheel chair mob  didn’t go well  as they wanted to charge us for the free BBQ grill  Nice lot that mob   AN THAT WAS OUR DAY

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      Gee, I was having a bit of an identity crisis, chap standing on the jetty wearing similar colours to what I wear, including white boots, grey hair & a Greek fishing cap. I was sure I didnt sail yesterday, then he turned around & I saw it Dennis and wasn’t me after all.  Thought I was going senile there for a while.

      By the way Kermit, your video has no sound.  Must have a setting wrong in your video editor again!!

      That wheelchair mob are a grumpy looking lot & what happened to their BBQ?  Perhaps they need a frog to cook it!!

      Other than that a fine video of the day’s proceedings.

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        Poor Mike, you miss one day, and they replace you with a stand in!

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        THE THING IS THIS PRED   when ya old like the sinker  an his mob  the only tucka you can eat is pur’ee what ever  so why the BBQ  well its the thought of havin some tucka that lingers on in the brain  but they were a jolly lot  still able to give a stir  an that’s what life’s all about ay ……..an havin the wheel chairs  near by

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      Looks like a nice day out.

      I had a good sail on the bigger boat. Sailed downwind at 11 knots in 12 knots of wind 🤔

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      Looks like a nice day there. Here in Philippines I had a day at the beach. Here is snorkelling footage. The dive boat pictured was full of Oz SAS troops having a relaxing day diving.


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        Nice one Hoppy, they look like bigger versions of what I used to have in my fish tank when the kids were small and loved watching tropical fish.

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        Much better Mr Kermit.

        Not only sound but you fixed the resolution as well. Well Done!!.

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          I wonder how long we will have to wait for today’s flying video.

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          15 MINS I RECON

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          Thats for the first attempt.

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