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      Another nice spring day for playing with boats.

      We at the Marine Modellers of Tasmania were privileged to have the famous “Moose” join in with us as there was none of the “BLOATERS” up at the jetty! (a couple did turn up latter)

      David Webb turned up with his partly built tug with his home built 150mm nozzles to show us.

      Here’s a little video of the day.

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      Well done Uncle G another master piece I am sure your in the running for the G.M.A

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        With you as the leading actor, how could I loose?

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        Very relaxing video Kermit, I fell asleep halfway through!

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          If you fell asleep then my job is done ………NIGHTY   NIGHT    sinker

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        Another fine production from Toad Hall, truly captured the essence of today.

        Definitely a serious contender for the GMA this weekend.

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      well here we go again THE sinker making false claims again we the floaters  (gentlemen sailors ) arrived at out sunny end of the canal at a more sedate time of the day where the wheel chair mob are forced to be at the canal by 7 simply because the wards start their rounds at 6 with pills and medication for them then they cant get back to their bunks because the staff are making their beds  sooo their forced out to play with their putt putt things …ohh wait thats boats not……. oh well   so we turn up at 10  and by then the poor ol salts are exhausted  pushing their wheel chairs through the sand and the grass  an their master UNCLE G  trys to imply that we the floaters are not there   fake news   although the day was light on wind except down at the other end  we still had a fantastic time with out fear of you know who trying to sink us   we had a crew of about 10   taking turns on the platform to sail  so at 12  we retired to the BBQ area  and as usual had a good feed   MOOSE  enjoyed the female runners an to be fair so did I  an that was our day sailing  at the sunny end   PS as for  MR Moose  he was simply out walking along the canal and was intrigued by the new style of wheel chairs the oldies had so he had alook ………………………………just say’n

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      Uncle G, those Korts nozzle drives are a serious bit of kit. They would have paid for a plane or two no doubt.

      Should be a nice tug when its finished.

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        The drives are a fantastic bit of work, Only cost for them was his time, he has a CNC machining business.

        When it is finished I wouldn’t recommend anyone gets in it’s way.

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      This weeks G.M.A award for boating goes to :

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      QUOTE :   Well done Uncle G another master piece I am sure your in the running for the G.M.A    (MR MOOSE )

      QUOTE :   With you as the leading actor, how could I loose?   (UNCLE G  )

      WHY do we even try  when the conversation between the owner of the  GMA and his bestest mate ever……. have already decided who gets the gong   BUT  We video fellas FILM for you, our viewers….. YOU…   so you can see the days fun you missed out on and not the corrupt  ” PAY for the GMA ”   system   WE TRUE VIDEO FELLAS WILL never ever sink so  low as to pay for the GMA unlike others within the camera circle  who also now take the fur coat out to lunch as part of the pay for the GMA

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      As I have said before to many ducks and to much water how could you possibly win.


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      How about 1 DUCK…. AN A CUP OF WATER

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