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      High tide, no weed and a light breeze greeted us today for our weekly play with our boats.

      Our chief entertainment office (Scotty) was in good form today.

      Firstly after a few repairs and trimming on his fast cat (which he flipped last week) took to the water. It looked much better trimmed and didn’t take off but after one fast run, one of the motors died, ESC or motor.

      Next, he brought out a twin outboard skiff. This too looked good until he flipped it. No damage done except to his pride.

      Then Ethan put his newly acquired huge tug in for a float test (no rudder servo) and Scotty went to tow it with his work boat, but one of the tow lines came off Scotty boat and they just went around in circles. They did manage to get it back to shore eventually.

      And finally, Scotty tried his float plane, but taxing out a gust of wind got under one wing and over it went. Another motor or ESC.

      So, after he ran out of models, we went and had an enjoyable barbecue at the end of the canal and was later joined by the yachty blokes.

      Video from today,

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      twas a good day for the floaters group at the sunny end of the canal with  fair winds and  frisky captains we sailed till we exhausted all the wind at Lauderdale canal. We were invited by the wheel chair mob to come party with them at the BBQ end of the canal to which we obliged  by bring a wheel chair so we didn’t hurt their feelings this is the wheel chair that big bad Dave uses to chase  female joggers as he gets puffed out running after em……  fair enough  so we ended a  terrific  day with a gorgeous group of girls and a bunch of wanna be sailors  from the wheel chair mob  …just perfect

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        Where’s your video?

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      HAD A DAY OFF   plus no ducks to film an I know you love ya ducks

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        Yeah, ducks are better than frogs!

        Remember you are always welcome down our end to film. There is always something exciting happening, (especially when Scotty’s there)

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      I THINK WITH OUT SCOTTY all the wheel chairs would rust its only him that makes the oldies push their way to the water just to watch some action  then its sleepy time again

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