RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 Second Fly-in for 2023

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      What a day, sun was shining, a light South-Easterly wind.

      We had in attendance, Predator, Seaside Mitch, Andrew, Scotty and myself.

      Predator also took over the barbecue duties for today.

      Here is my video from today, sorry it’s not up to Kermit’s standards but it will have to do.

      Mike, not sure but it might be your missing cover near the end?

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      Great footage Gerald. You may be able to find Mike’s microSD cards? šŸ™‚

      If anyone is interested, here is the link to the planes that can be printed from 3DLabPrint:


      Also, here is some footage from my wing from today.Ā  The original footage was very shakey from the wind so I was inspired from Gerald’s previous videos where he compared video that was stabilised. I found a program that is supposed to stabilise video so I gave it a go. The funny thing is that the scene is much better but the nose of the wing is now bouncing around where it didn’t in the original footage.


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        Except for the bouncy nose it didn’t look too bad Ron.

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          Thank you Gerald. The original footage has the nose stable and the rest of it bouncing around!

          Great news. I reprinted the Zero fusealage section and this one worked well.

          My goal is to have the Zero finished by the next time we fly šŸ¤ž

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          That looks a lot better!

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        Unfortunately most post production stabilisers do that, It is caused by the way the stabiliser software crops the image form the original track.

        It is easy to see just how much the image moves around if you look as my earlier Tech Pod videos when I tried installing a sun shade.

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      Look what I found,

      SD Cards next!

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        Well done Gerald šŸ‘

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        Nothing wrong with your eyes eh Gerald. Thank you.

        Here are my videos

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        Did I see a tear in your eye?

        P.S Don’t knock Little Kermit around like that!

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      yea butĀ  Ā  where’ve had a lot of fun over 10 yearsĀ  fishing/ beaches / out landingsĀ  but we all move on to other adventuresĀ  ay so yep it was sad my next adventure will be racing the wheelchair mobs best but not just yetĀ  Ā as for little kermey the little buggar kept jumpin around I couldn’t stop him

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      ‘Tis a good thing voting isn’t turned on at the moment ’cause I just had a chance to check out the excellent video production work.

      Does the last video mean le Frog will be at the next “not real” flying session?

      Maybe, later this week?

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        Yes Steve, probably Thursday or Friday this week, just waiting to confirm another appt.

        Im sure the Frog will grace us with his presence this week.

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