RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Second Fly-In for the week 17th July 2020

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      And what another sweet day it was,a light breeze till lunch time which dropped out as soon as the BBQ was lit. After the lunch break it was back to flying for one and all in the very calm conditions and lovely sun which had no heat in it but at least it brightened the day for the video cameras.

      No mishaps at all today & we only went home a bit early as everyone was running out of batteries.

      There were only 4 pilots today, IanRM, Predator, UncleG & Hoppy but it was a most enjoyable day.

      Just to prove nothing was pranged today, all pics were taken at the end of the day just before packup time.


      UncleG & his ZOHD Dart – flew well today (video to follow)

      IanRM’s Bix 3 FPV setup

      and all his FPV stuff !!

      UncleG’s Bixler 3

      Hoppy’s Drifter & FPV gear

      Predator’s Raptor FPV setup

      & the Bixler 2 Sport

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      Well I’ll kick the day off…… This is why the frog was not there today but was in spirit, he’s not a well froggy at present:


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        Perfect flight by the raptor  indeed the best so far for the views  so much to see a pleasure to watch from start to finish

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          What geez still breathing well I’ll have to fix that

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      Follywood acting deserving of a Froscar ie frog oscar.

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      THANK YOU MR HOPPY   when I’m famous i will try to remember who you are

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      Another great day for flying,

      A bit strange putting the planes away without having to do any repairs?

      Here’s my take on the day.

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      great videos chaps

      a great place to fly I watched from start to finish

      Cheers Moose

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      Here is brief clip from my Drifter yesterday. Was that reflection on the water off Droughty or was Gerald doing his laundry?



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        Not my laundry, but I could see my dog in the backyard!

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