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      Posted by Col – November 2017

      Would love to get some input on which after market sails are performing well. Have been making my own Sails since purchasing my DF95 last January with some mixed results.

      Does anyone here have some clues as to which after market sails are best?

      My list so far is Cat, Soch and Graphite. As John Tushingham is the man behind Graphite I’m kind of leaning toward those Sails, however he doesn’t seem to have a website and has not yet answered my email.

      Any ideas on any of the above?


      I run Graphite sails on my DF65, so does Snit. Have done since the original 65’s were released. Never had a problem.

      Also use Tassie Devil sails (by Kyle) on my DF95 and the Ragazza IOM and these also perform well and look good. Never had any certification issues with the IOM sails which, along with the boat went through a rigorous measurement and certification process.

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