GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Site up and functioning nicely

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      A big thank you to Mike and Col for the many hours they have spent to get this site working.  Has been quite a while since I was able to post on the calendar.  Great work guys.

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      Thanks Pete, we still have a way to go with importing files from the old site & a bit of fine tuning.

      Whilst we are still tuning the site, if you find something not working quite right try the following;

      1) Refresh your Browser page

      2) Clear your Browser cache

      3) Send me an Email.

      Now I better go look and see why your Avatar is not working.

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      That’s better,actually works when you assign it to the right user!!

      I will get a decent pic of your boat and update your Avatar next time we are sailing together.

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      Thanks for those thoughts Pete, the tweaking goes on but not much else to do in design now. Mike is powering on with swapping the content from the old to the new and its all looking pretty good.


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      Top effort guys. Much appreciated by all for sure

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        Thanks Kyle, don’t forget to set your Avatar or you will end up with something from my warped sense of humour (which of course you will then have to change.

        Virtually any pic can be loaded & the system will shrink it down to size.

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