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      Yes regatta my friends, two boats are a race, three is a regatta!!

      Phil, Geoff and I showed up for a frostbite regatta while my other dear sailing friends stayed firmly planted beneath their doonas. Those who took to the skies can tell you what a lovely morning to be alive it was too. The breeze was lazy and a little slow to start with but in less than a hour it was as good as it ever gets.
      After a few close races we held a setup clinic and then raced again. Stumps at the usual time and a feeling of a morning well used. Phil had Stuart’s 95 humming, Geoff got faster throughout the morning while I was debuting a new hull and sails. After some setup issues she was sailing well and tasting her share of victory.
      Next week we are into our favourite pocket  rockets and I look forward to a few more brave souls attending who laugh in the face of thermal adversity!!

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      Yes Col, as one of the seven pilots that took to the skies on Tuesday @ The Field, I agree with your assessment of the day, cool morning with a cold & lazy breeze. Luckily where we were the sun came out & the wind died out completely by lunch time so we also had a great time.

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      HALLO MY ADMIRAL  just a thought why not on calendar post  your sailing type ie 95   and request members to post their intentions to attend or not then you have the ability to cancel  for what ever reason  WEATHER / NOT WORTH GOING / NO WOMAN / ETC   IF members don’t reply an no ones there I think they will start to reply  don’t you ITS WHAT WE DO FOR FLYING then every one knows whats going on ……..   just a thought   Regards KERMIT LA FROG

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        Thanks for that timely advice oh webbed one!
        Difference between flying and sailing (yes, there are lots), in particular with regards scheduling applies to three main points.
        The first is that sailing on Tuesdays is a fixed event, not dependant of fickle things like weather.
        Secondly, the class being sailed always rotates back and forth between 65 & 95 so calendar or no calendar this remains constant.
        The third consideration in not advertising last Tuesdays sailing is that without RBRYC sailing at the moment there was a likelihood we may have exceeded our legal limit in skipper numbers with those who are desperate to sail from there turning up.
        This last point was spectacularly successful as without advertising or calendar we still ended up with three.
        Being the observant froggie that you are you would have noted that next months Tuesdays are all written up as sailing days. Well done!
        Next month will also see the lifting of the 10 person + 1 frog rule so advertising our activities is back on the task list again.
        I will still circulate a text message to all members once this final hurdle is cleared as this is a good way to keep in touch.
        Finally I think the calendar is a great and integral part of our website that alongside the Forum is the beating heart of our little group and needs to be supported at every opportunity. Its success is dependent on how often and well it is used by our members.
        Oh and next Tuesday is DF65s @ da Duck.

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      You are correct Kermit (which proves that at least sometimes good things come from the mouth of the frog), just a matter of getting everyone to use it.

      As we knew with flying whilst we were using email & text messages as well as the calendar a lot opted to NOT use the calendar. Now it is the only option as far as flying goes everyone has figured out how to use it and it works great.

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        SO MR PREDATOR SIR,  WHEN ROUND TWO ARRIVES FOR THE TOP JOB   I take it that I will have your full support for the presidency  after all you did say and I quote   ” good things come from the mouth of the frog ” did you not            Regards  future president      KERMIT LA FROG

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      A perfect misrepresentation (or is that a quote out of context) by leaving out the principal words “at least sometimes”.

      However, I will forgive you.

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      I did err in the quote reply but you must understand as a budding politician  that’s mandatory practice

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