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      Originally Posted by Snit in 2013 (this is an edit from the old site)

      I thought it was about time to start a build record of the Mega Genesis.

      Bits I’m going to use:

      2x Turnigy xk4082-1500kv motors

      2x Turnigy 180 amp esc`s

      For power I hope:

      2x Turnigy nano-tec 6s batteries

      Well the story is I bought a new hole-less hull but when the stingers arrived it was clear that the hull needed some surgery so I’ll use a Genesis hull that I had here that has seen a hard life already and put a single motor in the new hull.

      Out came the scalpel


      Got a bit more done today, motor mounts are cut and in place.

      Also got the front bulkhead fitted and in place, next is to cut and fit the shafts then to mix some resin and get the hull solid.


      Looking good. ;)

      While you have the hull in half it may be worth filling all the voids with LPDE foam for buoyancy. I’m guessing there won’t be a lot of room left once all the gear is in but if you get some foam in the bow & stern it will no doubt help in the event of water ingress. Just make sure to leave some grooves etc for air to circulate & any water to drain out rather than getting trapped.


      Thanks mate

      I am thinking of trying expanda foam for the floatation put in every spot were I can get some, the front 250mm of the hull and the back 100mm will be filled full behind a water tight bulkhead.

      I’m up to fitting the shafts then it will be time to glass it all back together.



      Quick update – the stuffing tubes/ shafts  are fitted. I forgot about the rudder mount so will sort a plate out for that and glass in.

      Will fit the water pickups now as well.


      Got a bit more done yesterday, the rudder mount is cut/tapped and fitted in spot. Also got the water pickups and hard lines sorted out.

      I think its ready to glass up and make it look like a boat again.


      Well I have done a fair bit more since the last update, all the under side of the transom has been reshaped ready to prime, floatation from Predator has been fitted into the water tight bow section and the hull has been joined back together , filled and sanded/reshaped.

      I have given the sides of the hull a more rounded look and taken the droop out of the front deck that all the genesis`s seem to have. Just needs a a skim more filler on the deck and she will be ready for paint.


      A bit more done over the last few days, a coat of primer went on as well as some black gel coat thinned with some resin on the inside.

      The hull is ready for fit out now, I just have to sand and paint the out side of the hull.

      Its getting close.


      Just had a look at your pics, the mega Genesis is looking great. I will make sure the data logger is charged up just in case.

      Could end up being a big day. 8)


      Well she is close   :D:D

      Thanks mate she has come up ok. A few little things I’m not to happy about but it will do for now. There are only small props on it at the moment so will be happy if it does a ton straight up. Hoping to set the radio up tomorrow. Hope the esc works ok from just the one battery.

      Hoping for a test run some time this week most likely the weekend sailing day

      Sticky Racing






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