YOUTUBE VIDEOS Something a little different !!

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      That should scare the eagle off, you just need to run fast.

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      Good one for Lauderdale or Roaches beach when we go slope soaring. What do you think Hoppy and Andrew? 🙂


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      Let’s get one!

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        I can just see you flitting around the Field in one of those Ian, with your fluoro socked feet hanging out the bottom !!

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      This was flying a year before the one Pred YT video shows, about 10 years ago. The sound track is what I thought of when I saw Preds video.

      The Archaeopteryx has been developed over the yeara and now comes in 3 models. The one most suitable for the field would be the electric version I would think. Only 90,000 EURO + freight. Maybe a syndicate buy. Then you could RC it and give joy flights. Sorry I think I got concussion on my last fall off my chair.

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