RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Spring Sail

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      Another perfect spring day for playing with toy boats.

      My video from today,

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      My aerial footage. I also got the white boat taking out the blue buoy;

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        Well done, liked the music.

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        Nice one Hoppy, just as well I didn’t edit out that bump on the buoy from my footage. I figured Uncle G would have caught it, didn’t realise you were up above as well !!

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        IS there no shame UNCLE G  constantly harassing the floaters…… pleasantly sailing along free as the wind an along comes the sinker to try once again to send a few of us to davey jones locker  an almost succeeded in putting PREDATOR  to the sea floor  forcing him to strike the sailing bouy  in an attempt to escape UNCLE Gs  hounding   his mocking at us as we are forced to defend ourselfs as best we can is  deplorable why the elderly gentlemen of his group dont reprimand this tyrant  I know not  BUT if it continues we will have to retaliate and if that means coming down there and physicall letting the air out of the wheel chairs  and painting the white canes black then we shall     GENTLEMEN of the mudlers play group  take this out of control individual and  remove his boat from him put him on work orders  for instance dust the sand out of the wheel chairs  change diapers  when neccesary  its up to you

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          You must be feeling better! that’s the old Kermit we all know.

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      Another nice video Uncle G, a couple of nice new models up your end as well.

      Bring on Summer

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      My contribution from today. Its still a bit long @ 20 minutes but with over 1 – 1/2 hours of video (one hour onboard & 1/2 hour HandiCam) & five rescues there is only so much to leave on the cutting floor.

      That’s my excuse anyway.



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