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      Hi team. I need to change my storage arrangements in my “office”. Currently all 3 sit on their plastic stands on a small table.

      I am thinking that they could be stored on a shelf (or two) which would free up the space currently taken by their table.

      Any storage ideas?? How do you store your RC yachts?


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      I went to the tip shop  and brought a outside plastic long table then i cut 6 keel and rudder holes into it and that my friend is how i store my sail boats






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      This is Peter Sylvester’s way of storing different size hulls. Keels removed and stored flat on a shelf which is shorter than the full length so that the rudder can hang free.

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      I’m a fan of Uncle G’s stands as they are stable and support the fin/bulb too. 

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      Thanks Col and Kermit. Floor space is going to be my issue, and I suspect that hulls on their stands sitting on shelves will be the answer. I will not be able to store them rigged as I sometimes do currently. But I will contine to support the keel.

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      I am lucky my hobby area is in a area where a couple of holes in the ceiling are Ok and can be patched when the rack is removed. Yachts derigged.

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      Now that is a heap of green.

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      YEP  I THINK YOU CAN SAY    “KNEE DEEP”   ( green frog croak )

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