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      Another nice day for playing with boats.

      There was a nice light easterly blowing down the canal, perfect for the yachts.

      We had another good turnout with the Marine Modellers, and around three or four skippers on the jetty. (practicing safe distancing from each other)

      Kermit was having a bad day as my video shows.

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      USA PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP  OFTEN SAID ” FALSE NEWS ”  and here in our own play ground we have the Tasmanian leader of misinformation  spouting untruths about certain boats aground  it seems  in fact the two boats at anchor were waiting for Georgie to depart the water as she is a very aggressive chicky babe when sailing  and the only safe area was the far side in fair water unfortunaly both anchors dragged which meant I had to fetch them  quite innocent but to the spreader of tall porkys  it was another chance to discredit the fun loving floaters group shame shame  NOW THE TRUTH IS OUT  we will move on  so few boats were putting around  down the wheel chair mobs area did they get kept in  after breckie ? were there no spare diapers? for them  handicap bus not turn up  ? or did the enforcer UNCLE G  borrow their pension pennies  ? some have said this isnt the first time thats happened  ….just sayn   as for our day as usual perfect we restricted the number on the jetty once again  due to the virus  so at least 17 had to go home our own chicky babe Georgie  had a fun time forcing boats to give her a clear path when sailing  (she loves a clear path ) her gramps BIG BAD DAVE  is so afraid of her he sails under the jetty most of the time  as for the rest of us we anchor or shut our eyes ” often ”  were not afraid of the sinker  (uncle g ) anymore  we have  Georgie   all in all another brilliant days sailing

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        From the words of another polly, PLEASE EXPLAIN”

        When you did your walk of shame to the other side of the canal, in your video, you showed poor Dave’s boat on the shore and laughed at his misfortunes after he had tried to rescue you. but you didn’t show your boat in the same position that was there for most of the morning. – FALSE NEWS

        P.S. But there was a lot of laughter down our end when someone yelled out – the green boat ashore again! (not me)


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      NOW THERE YA GO AGAIN  that episode your talking about  was from another time  I quote  “the green boat is ashore again”  unquote  the first time was when we dropped anchor and drifted as explained the second was big bad daves grounding   so please No more   excuses for the fake news you perpetrate   THE VIEWERS KNOW WHOS TELLING A PORKY

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      Would it be Uncle G

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        IT seems by some that my replys are not friendly  Everything I say is in jest  sometimes not quite correct  in truth  but always with intended humour  we are all old friends  some older than others like UNCLE G  an the wheel chair mob so there is no intent to be hurtful   if you interpret that part your wrong  very wrong  but I shall be more reserved  in what I say  so’s not to ruffle feathers  ………..gunna be hard  in every sentance  the words sorry  will be prominent so in closeing sorry……  ohhh thats the first one

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      THANK YOU MR MOOSE   you are correct   I  just dont know why he does it ……..did he have a happy child hood….  was he breast fed  ?

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      A pleasant mornings sailing

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      glad you had a fun time  Dave  we always do

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