RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Suggestions for next field flying day

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      Can we use this thread for proposals for the next flying day as I need a day or so notice to negotiate the car with SWMBO.

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      At this stage it looks like Wednesday 17th June may be the next option for Flying at the Field.

      Light winds in the morning dropping out before midday, the rest of the week from now till then is either wet, windy or both.

      I’ve cleaned out all the previous posts to this topic as it was starting to get a bit messy & confusing but I think it’s a good idea to get a feel for what MAY be happening before the actual Calendar post goes up (which often happens at short notice).

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      Yes I agree and you can count me in

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      We had a meeting at the field the other day, and it was decided by our president for life to stop using this thread and stick to the calendar to save on confusion, as some members were posting on here and others on the calendar.

      Looking at the forecast Thursday or Friday look better than Wednesday?

      I’m free all days.

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        I understand where the confusion could come from but I think Chris’s intention with this was just as a heads up on what may happen in the future, not a replacement for the calendar which is the spot to register what is actually happening & who is going.

        I’m not fussed either way but especially with the changeable weather we are having at present I think Chris’s suggestion has merit AS LONG AS EVERYONE USES IT CORRECTLY.

        My weather map only went as far as Thursday and it was a lot windier than Wednesday, but hey this is Tas a lot could change in 4 days.

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      Wed and Friday look the best days at moment but BOM is inaccurate 3 days or more out.  This thread is good as a heads up but anyone saying they will come along here just copy into the calendar entry when finalized. And give the press and his number two some web training. Mike, you and Uncle G get it, it’s just the upper leadership team that dont. A Top Gun web training session is in order including for me who can’t embed youtubes.

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      Suitably Humbled!       Any day but Monday.     Cheers IanRM,  PFLAB.

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