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      What a perfect day Hoppy picked this time for flying, probably just as well after the last Windy Friday.

      Today, even though we are in the last week of autumn, we has full sun & no wind all day, perfect.

      Dave has graduated from being just an RC sailor to also an RC pilot after having 3 uneventful (well almost uneventful) flights of our Bix 2 group trainer (attached to the Buddy Box system). Methinks he is hooked.

      I got to test the Fox  “Dolly Trolley” today, didn’t go as well as hoped but should only need a couple of minor mods to get it all working fine. Ron C helped me out with a couple of hand launches so the mighty Fox 3m got some air time today. There will be a couple of onboard videos below a bit later.

      Hoppy also maidened his Fox 2.23m today and whilst there wasn’t much thermal activity he did get some nice long flights none the less.

      Our little Green mate Kermit had one of his “Kermit” days today & broke more than he flew but nothing a bit of contact & hot glue won’t fix.

      Ron had several FPV flights in the ideal conditions today & will no doubt have some video up later.

      Ian flew, crashed, flew again, crashed again. I think he was having a “Kermit” day as well.

      Moose flew his Cessna (perfectly) as well as his Razor & 1600mm big plane (KRAFT). I think the Moose went home a happy man.

      Uncle G flew without incident as did Andrew with his gliders.

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      After choosing to fly on windy Friday I redeemed myself by choosing a good day today to fly with 10 turning up. Ian and Kermit had mishaps and Moose’s Cessna suffered a bent nose gear but no major bingles. Mike’s dolly wheel needs modifications and if successful I may do one for my 2.32m Fox.  My fox got a couple of weak thermals but barely enough to maintain height. Did a few aerobatics and tweaking. Here is a highly cut down video:



      Also my Eagles had a brief flight. Both of these videos with the #32 keychain cam:



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      During Dave’s training sessions yesterday we had a couple of fly away’s, nothing to do with Dave or his flying ability but more to do with some type of radio interference. No loss of RSSI, just momentary loss of control. We have experienced this on this site once or twice before and it generally only happens when flying low.

      The first one ended with a perfect landing next to the roadway crossing our recent flying field,

      but it was quite a walk

      The second later in the day was much closer to home but removed the tail, elevator & rudder (see Kermit’s video for the resultant damage).

      Anyway a little bit of glue & some temporary tape (to hold it all square) and the Mighty Bixler II Sport Trainer is ready again to continue in its role as Group Training aircraft.

      Bring on the next flying day.

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      Great footage by everyone once again and a magnificent repair job on the Bixler Sport Mike.

      Sorry I’m a bit slow at getting my video up but I’m still trying to work out how to use the video editing software. I envy you blokes on getting your quality footage up in record time.

      Anyway, have a look at my video and let me know what you think.


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        Yes Ron, editing video, especially with multiple tracks does take quite some time, especially if you want to sync it all up correctly. Yours all came out pretty well. The map overlay works well.

        Is something short on memory?

        One of me earliest hand-held GPS units that I had in the boat at the time used to drop the tracking line just like that once it filled up its RAM.

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          Thanks Mike.

          The tracking line can be adjusted. It’s set to default atm.

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      Well  RON ….you have set the film bar to an impossible height  bloody fantastic  you take as long as you want dear boy to produce   very enjoyable an very different   Reminds me of predators under belly camera shots  novel an cool

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        Thank you for your kind words Mr Kermit. 🙂

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      What a great video

      Ron I now understand FPV much better thank you. Still a long way to go

      I am sure you have won this weeks Academy award for film direction well done

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        Thank you Mr Moose.

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          YEA MR MOOSE AN IF you keep crawlin  you wont have any more fur on ya belly   what’s next  kissie kissie  …..  at least the arch villain UNCLE G has remained quite……… just sayin

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          I’m always quite,

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      not so our arch fiend ………..what are you up to  perhaps a aircraft catcher  or a suicide aircraft ……………………..just sayin

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      Beware of the Quite one He will strike at any time

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      your right oh fury one  scary isn’t it

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      Thank you all for great pictures…..Ron for flight info……beautiful!     Mike wins the prize for understatement! The total,complete and final destruction of the poor Bixler, extruded through the wire mesh like mince, I call a bit more than a “mishap”!   (But I’m biased!)   Cheers all!


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