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      Another fine day (with even less wind than Friday) for flying at the field today, 5 in attendance inc Andrew, Uncle G, Kermit, Gadget & Predator.

      A couple of mishaps today with Kermit hitting the goalposts again with his Bix 3 (easily repaired) and me hitting Terra Firma at the end of a long power dive with my Excalibur V2 (a go home in a bucket type experience)

      Not a real lot left of the battery either, it’s a wonder it didn’t explode !!

      Well what a bummer, after pranging the Excalibur and managing to find BOTH the on-board cameras I just realised that both cameras are now missing their SD cards. Looks like a bit more searching will be in order next trip to the field !!

      Anyway at least there is some around the field footage!!

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      Here is my short video of hat cam footage.

      I’ve tried a bit more experimenting with on screen text and transitions to next scenes etc.

      I alway like the “Around the field” videos Mike.

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      It’s looking like an expensive Fly-In for me today, The Excalibur is trashed, inc the battery & all the electrics, both the onboard cameras are also no longer working and will most likely need replacing & I’ve lost two Class 10 64Gb SD cards to boot.

      Oh well as the say s#@t happens eh !!

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        Hey Mike, would a metal detector find a microSD in long grass?

        I don’t have one but if we could find someone who has one, it might be worth a try.

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    • #12768                there ya go MR GADGET SIR

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      I have to get two battery’s for my detector tomorrow so I will have a go an see……  let ya all know

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      Thanks Kermit, don’t make a special trip, we can try to find them next flying day.

      I have a spare SD card here that you can set the detector up to find.

      I suspect they will be within a metre of the impact site as the original impact would have ejected them far more likely than the flying cameras landing in the grass.

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      Very sad to see the demise of the Excalibur and Kermit’s goal post attack.

      We had a goodish race on my B14 skiff with my “in training” crew. We even had the lead at the first mark, but I had crossed the spinnaker sheets and tack line over so that stuffed up first reach. Never recovered from there 😞

      Better luck for everyone at the next flying day, may there be smooth air and plenty of sun for everyone 🌅

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