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      Light to non existent winds greeted us at the Canal today but at least we tried.

      Kermit (A Class Glide) and Predator (10Rater) tried for a bit of match racing amongst the DF65’s, DF95’s & a Compass. Weather really wasn’t playing ball today but it was fun none the less.


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      Very PEACEFUL.

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        GOD DAMN PRED That was fun  I hope others with this type of boat get them in the water  but by gee the water video is sooo cool  an once again ta for getting the winch programmed AND IM LOOKING IN THE FUTURE to showing you more of my stern

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      ALL QUITE ON THE CANAL is the title of this video because we were blessed with the leader of the white cane mob  also known as (the wheel chair mob )  reaching out to us on our pontoon  sailing as we do  Now its not what he said but more of the gestures he used to signify his regret as to his unprovoked attack on a defenceless yacht  the international sign of the finger raised above ones head and the constant blocking of a video  were  the signs we were hoping for  plus his constant grovelling was more than we expected  soo now that’s all been resolved UNCLE G the floaters have agreed that your performance today is acceptable for you to visit us again on the water

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      Good video Kermit, camera works well. A different perspective than Preds, shows the battle ships patrolling protecting the fleet, cant see Uncle G been intimidated by them, especially with no wind.

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      Size doesn’t matter to me, and as there was no wind the “BLOATERS” yachts were like sitting ducks, no fun in that so I left them alone.

      But don’t worry I will be back.


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      OHH MY GOSH  has my interoperation of UNCLE G”s  gestures been wrong  from what I read  it seems so Our sailing the BIG BOATS  were only out for show not intimation   Were a peaceful group only out for sailing pleasure not acts of aggression towards  our dear friends at the bottom of the canal  whom we hold with the greatest respect  BUT if force is inflicted upon us  we will retaliate with equal force   so dear wheel chair leader  use this knowledge  with wisdom  for the outcome will not be pleasant for your blue boatie thing   REGARDS  THE FLOATERS

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