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      After careful counting of the coin It gives me much pleasure in announcing this weeks winner as ?

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      Flying Boating is there no end to your Great Talent Uncle G I think you will have to build a bigger cabinet for all your awards

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        Thanks again Mr Moose,

        But I must thank Kermit for putting up such a poor video this time. Trying to take video while hiding in the trees and scrub (it’s a wonder he wasn’t arrested) nobody wants to see blurry trees, blurry women joggers, seagulls and ducks. they want to see the boats and yachts in action on the water!

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      HAVE YOU TWO NO SHAME  I take it that this presentation   (THE GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  )  will remain untouched ….why not …just pull it out  post it done another few bob   but MR MOOSE  the boy doesnt improve his videos by you letting him get away with poor  content  poor handling  over all no talent  why not help him by refusing money  let him find his feet as it were   an you might feel better for it to …… a tab poorer but spiritually the better fur coat for it …………………JUST SAY’N

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      ITS NOT MY usual practice to coment on anothers opinion  but in defence the art of GOOD video production is I beleave broken into several stages  one value content  ie woman jogger  (movement and good to look at ) two  ducks  nature and movement    three partisipants …. decient home grown lads doing their thing  (sailing) unless its big bad dave who dissapears into the bush a lot  …. four…..natural scenery  trees bushes  ground level  and pervin space      lastly content…. the project should be of short scenes  5/6 secs long unless a scene has a stoty  UNCLE G S videos lack evey one of the desired elements ….One repetition   putt putts going around in circles  No other persons in the videos  NO wild life   Water lots of it too much in fact  Here is my thoughts on how UNCLE Gs  VIDEOS WILL IMPROVE  dont do it …. two ….put putt putts on the ground an film that  three stop bribing the moose  four…. give the camera to someone else…… ENROLL  in TOPGUN VIDEO CLASSES FOR DUMMIES   narh  to be fair UNCLE G  does know how to press the go button on the camera so DUMMIES in this case is not  APPLICABLE     ………just …….


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      Kermit is back

      Only this time his sarcastic remarks have become very cruel    (Must be  the new meds he is on)

      Kermit was in the running for the award but when the rotten storm water pipes appeared and ruined the ambiance of our lovely canal what could I do

      cheers for now

      MR Moose


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      DEAR FUR COAT  ohhhh it wasnt my intent to offend  my type of humour should be seen and dismissed as soon as  so the water storm pipes flushing was put in as a type of  subliminal message to UNCLE G  indicating his video is being flushed ……………….   hows that

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      Kermit, You must be feeling better, these are the reply’s I was looking for.

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      Thanks UNCLE G  yep Im a wee tad better but that soon dissapears when I watch you video

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