RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 The Day of the FOX

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      Today all the Foxes came out to play.

      Kermit had his 1.2m Mini Fox, Hoppy had his 2.3m Fox “Foxy Chic” and I has the big 3m FMS Fox out and about.

      There was another good Flight-line turn up on what turned out to be a warm but (for most part) windy day.

      A couple of Kermit’s toys


      and some of Moose’s

      another of Hoppy’s EDF Jets


      one of Andrew’s not so big gliders


      Rian with one of his toys


      Uncle G making one of his less than perfect landings in the wind.

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      Flying Foxes – sort of?

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        Nice one Uncle G.

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          Must have been kermits Fox that came close to your Drift. Anyway they all look the same…

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            Kermit wasn’t flying long enough to get close!

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              shes on her way to be repaired wasnt to bad  but will get a carbon fibre rod for the wings any one know if there is a special type of carbon rod I need ? TA IN ADVANCE

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              Kermit I have a carbon arrowshaft you can have. Cut to size with a hacksaw. I will txt u.

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              I find that the woven CF rods are stronger than the extruded ones. Most yacht mast are extruded which is why they split if not bound or sleeved on the end. The woven ones look like CF sheeting.

              If Hoppy’s arrow shaft is no good then Nicks Hobby Shop @ Sorell had a good collection of various size & length CF rods at a reasonable price.

              The Fibreglass Shop in Argyle St also stock them in longer lengths but they are not cheap.

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          THANKS FELLAS  I will check out hoppys arrow  shortly  if its not gunna work than nicks I will go  thanks again

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      I just measured my Fox and its shrunk to 2.32 metres. There were good thermals for a while today as I had 2 long Fox flights. I also flew the HK Parkjet with a new 12 blade ducted fan for the first time after the 5 blade fan broke. My poor Drifter, F16 and Eagles didnt get to fly today. I have 5 videos as I got 18 video files from Rian’s drone (actually sd card inside his DJI goggles. 3 videos are from last week 29th September and I think the GMA needs reawarding based on these. We can have a vote and I say give to Rian!

      Last week entry numer one from Rian:

      Last week entry number two from Rian and myself as its of my Fox!

      Bonus content from last week from Rian flying his quad around his folks house and yard:



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      Now for todays entry for the GMA this footage is from Rian with Andrew and Mike flying so another shared award:

      And lastly an entry from Rian and myself with my Fox using a fwd facing cam, rear facing cam and the drone footage:

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        Nice one Kermie, as per usual !!

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          Hey pred  I liked the floating camera especially when it captures the pilot  why can’t you leave it on this setting its very entertaining  best inflight video yet

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            Well enjoy it this week cos it will be turned off next time the beast flies (so long as I remember). With if off you can see the pilot all the time (look at some of the older Fox videos)

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      Bonus video

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        Gee man you almost gave the poor frog a heart attack !!

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          Do frogs have hearts?

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            YES YOU BUGGAR………………my time will come

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      One thing I forgot to mention today

      yesterday I called in to see my good mate Gerald who offered to shout me lunch at he Casinos revolving restaurant

      here is the feast beautiful roasted pheasant

      Followed by a magnificent desert and coffee. Thankyou Gerald for a great day

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        WELL CONGRATS UNCLE G  on winning this weeks GMA  I do hope you can afford  not only the bribe money but the now mandatory lunch

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      WELL ryans drone is truely a fantastic new media   Im at a loss to how the moose is to award the GM  because the drone footage cannot be replicated by anyone else at the moment  so as far as the drone footage goes its brilliant but like in flight aircraft camera its another catorgory and as such doesnt represant the overall activity on the field  and in light of that if the GM is given out to just drone flight  then there is nothing on the ground that can match it  so its one sided   with in flight camera aircraft the winner is the one that captures something different like hoppys cloud surfing that got him the well deserved GM  now compare that to ryans drone chase  every time we fly  no one can get to that high standard  and even though the shots are just unbealervable good the novelty factor will wear off  so may I suggest  a category  Two winning videos  In flight  /ground video and ryans drone video is left as just great entertainment  until another drone fella joins us then the third category is open……. or is this to complicated or unfair    your thoughts folkes    ifin Iv stepped on some toes  sorry

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        Well I guess I learned something today, I always thought the GMA was awarded on a rotational basis with content playing little or no part in the selection process. Guess I will have to pick up my game in the future eh?

        Better get the Ghost Cam out again.

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      A long one

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      Now that is the way to go  IF i were to video from the plane  that is the way…….. fantastic

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      This weeks winner

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      What date were you flying uncle G

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        Yesterday, 6th October 2021

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          See the fur coat cant even remember you …..    were you there ?… I KNOW YOU WERE

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      CONGRATS  PREDATOR SIR, OUTSTANDING VIDEO worthy of this GMA  but where does this leave UNCLE G  as he was boasting nay bragging about this was going to be his award  “all day ” he was saying this to anyone who would listen  is this an opps moment from the fur coat …did he forget his best mate an did the honest thing ………………..NARH  he forgot  bet the phome is running hot right now

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        Congratulations to Predator!

        Kermit, Just seeing the look on your face in my bonus video made my day!

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