RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 THE LAST FLYING DAY

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      It was a fine day for our last fly-in before Christmas even if the attendance numbers were down on usual.

      Kermit, Uncle G , Gadget & Predator attended however Uncle G had to be contented with flying his new Mavic Mini 3 Pro quadcopter as he left his RC unit for the planes at home (well that was his excuse anyway)

      Kermit had several uneventful flights with his Ranger 1600 but unfortunately the same could not be said for his Bix 3. It went home looking a tad worse for wear.

      I don’t think Gadget had any issues with his planes and apart from a broken wheel on my Slow Poke, I had no other problems flying both the Li’l Eagle biplane & the AR Wing.

      Some video cover from today

      Onboard Li’l Eagle biplane

      Onboard AR Wing

      A bit from Around the field today

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        Hey Mike, I was sure you just clipped that tall tree near the cars on a fly past with the Li’l Eagle but I couldn’t see it on the video.

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          YOU SHOULD KNOWTHE RULES BY NOW ifin it wasn’t on film  it didn’t happen

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      Some video from my new Mini 3 pro,

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        Nothing at all shabby about that footage from your new Mavic Mini 3 Pro Uncle G, it does a fantastic job.

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          Very happy with it so far, that was recorded at 4k, 30fps, will try 60fps next time

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          GOD DAMN that was …….buggar ……..hate this part  bloody good video MR SINKER  fantastic colour.  smooth , easy to watch  great views,….. look forward to sailing and flying vids from this fantastic piece of aviation. Another  piece of technology to advance our viewing taste buds …..  2 an a half out of ten    ………….BEST I CAN DO   just sayn

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        Unblelievable video from the Mini 3 Pro Gerald.

        I don’t reckon you’ll need to go to 60 fps.

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      Another quality production from Toad Hall Mr Frog.

      Great footage & nice editing.

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        I will have to agree with Mike, well done Kermit!

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      OK  FELLAS  whats going on …….why so nice to the frog   was it the donuts…  the cream …WHAT……  if yous wana stay at the shack over the holidays ….  just say so  this nice stuff just isn’t darn right

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        Don’t worry Kermit, we will be back to normal on Saturday.

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        Don’t you know, it’s be nice to Frogs this Christmas, you better lap it up cos it won’t last !!

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      Yay!, only one oops video feature Kermit 🙂
      Very nice video all the same.

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        did I make you jump at the opps moment  ……………HE HE HE

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          Yes you naughty little froggy !!

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          Well, the plane jumped well!! 🤣🤣🤣

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      Whilst were on congrats moments  I did like predators vid  mighty eagle 🦅  nice an easy not to many sharp turns  excellent colour nice to see once again the country side  in an easy manner     9/ out of ten  The sinker has a long way to go to be in the same class as this boy   PS  we don’t any more refer to prangs as  WALK OF SHAME   its now politically correct to refer them as WALK OF MISFORTUNE   you know how I like rules ……………………       just say’n

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        You can call them whatever you want, Kermit, but your prangs will aways be known as the “Walk of Shame”.

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      A quite day at Forcett, so I couldn’t help myself,

      Forgot to change to 60fps so still 4k 30fps

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        Nice one Gerald. I was going to ask what frame rate as I thought I noticed a slight flicker when panning.

        Excellent video none the less.

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          yea I noticed that to Mr gadget  very noticeable wasn’t it  an a few others in there to  but I didn’t like to say   I still gave him 3 out of 10  for trying…………..  bless him he needs a lift at Christmas🎅

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      Great video Gerald 👍, nice work.

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        BODGE  I noticed you put a finger up  for the sinkers video I thought it was fair…….. but I think a finger is a bit rough  especially at Christmas time   Now he’s gunna feel down hearted cos no one likes his video

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      Well there ya go A little push an you go and produce a tad better video   3 out of 10 ………..keep trying MR SINKER  AN a special note in reference to being nice to the frog  So pleased to know its a short lived time frame then its back to normal  anti Kermit program

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      Looks like you all had a great day and not as hot as here in Adelaide.

      I hope everyone has a great Christmas and my you get your hearts desire 🙏

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      OUR WIDDLE MATE IS IN  ADELADE  we wondered why you hadn’t answered the call  soooooo have fun enjoy the good life  an just out of curiosity…… have you seen kermit over there     have a great time you two

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