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      THE LAST SAIL BEFORE THE FAT MAN ARRIVES ( no not predator )  at the canal with 5 skippers waiting on the hard for the wind to abate we waited…..and waited  MR moose suggested we judge the female joggers while bull dog judged the males   they were rated from one to five dependent upon strict guild lines issued by Mr moose  ( who according to him is an expert )  not one chickee babe reached five  what’s wrong with the youth of today    due to the lack of presentable joggers  I decided to put in my 65 RIGGO  AS she slipped from my hands to the water she became u82  steering her back to the dock still underwater  I lifted her by the mast to the dock   undamaged  so again back to the fine art of pervin  judging with few contenders  at 11.30 BBQ  time  Unusually the wind wasn’t as bad so we didn’t put the wind brake up   stories told about    vacuum cleaners …… story’s could be true or not  and other dubious  yarns  were  given out as truth  I swear it gets easier as you get older to spin  a yarn  DEAR OL MR MOOOSE DOES IT SOO EASY   (guess why ) so today wasn’t how we wanted it to be but there ya go Thanks to Capt’n Pugwash  Mr predator  Mr Moose and Bull Dog Barrett  FOR THE FINAL HOO RAY


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      Well at least we tried.

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      The hardy Marine Modellers had their boats in the water!

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      yes buttttt when I passed your mob  you were all yackin near the cars and not a boat in the water so i’m doubtful to the truth on your part  the way I see it one or two boats may have got in the water just to say they did it an when they and the wheel chairs  were winched from the water you all said  we did it an left for their beds  or to the hospital   at least I was honest in my story

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      Sorry Kermie but I’ll have to take Uncle G’s side here, when I came past just after 10:00am there were indeed 2 boats on the water at the Western end.
      I think participation was about even as we also had 2 boats (or maybe 3) on the water, just not for very long. Anyway it’s the thought that counts and everyone was out enjoying fresh air, even if not sailing

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      Kermit, we had a total of seven boats on the water, they were all thriving in the light south westerly winds.

      I was going to send the camera boat up your end to get some nice video of the yachts frolicking in the perfect DF65 conditions, but the only one sailing that I could see was Ron.

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      Now I think your joshin me  bull dog only likes the sides of the canal  either side doesn’t matter to him an your  lot  how on earth can seven wheel chairs get to the water to put the boats in  narhhh  not on

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