RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered The latest build 20-07-2020

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      Here is a quick video of my E-Sky Eagle build

      takes a whole 3 minutes (well almost)

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      Bad AngelBad Angel

      Haven’t you got enuf toys yet…

      • #5574

        You can NEVER have too many toys.

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          Bad AngelBad Angel

          Ha ha yeah

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      Looks good Mike.

      Maybe we can have pit stop build competitions at the field 🙂

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      Uncle GUncle G

      Looks as hard to put together as the Drift.

      Friday is looking good for it’s maiden flight?

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      Another couple of pics now that I have tidied up the livery.



      I looked up what EYAS stands for, its a fledgling hawk, so “Li’l Eagle” is near enough.

      Now you know.

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        Uncle GUncle G

        You had better keep the Li’l Eagle away from Kermit! you know he has trouble with Eagles.

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      Just noticed this on the web today, looks like Horizon are releasing what looks like an E-Sky Eyas under their own brand at almost 3 times the price.

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      Uncle GUncle G

      That’s been around for as long as the ESKY version.

      It’s BNF so comes with the spectrum Rx with SAFE & AS3X stabilization built in.

      Well over priced compared to the ESKY.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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