RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered The latest build (E-sky Eyas) 20-07-2020

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      Here is a quick video of my E-Sky Eagle build

      takes a whole 3 minutes (well almost)

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      Haven’t you got enuf toys yet…

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      Looks good Mike.

      Maybe we can have pit stop build competitions at the field 🙂

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      Looks as hard to put together as the Drift.

      Friday is looking good for it’s maiden flight?

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      Another couple of pics now that I have tidied up the livery.



      I looked up what EYAS stands for, its a fledgling hawk, so “Li’l Eagle” is near enough.

      Now you know.

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        You had better keep the Li’l Eagle away from Kermit! you know he has trouble with Eagles.

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      Just noticed this on the web today, looks like Horizon are releasing what looks like an E-Sky Eyas under their own brand at almost 3 times the price.

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      That’s been around for as long as the ESKY version.

      It’s BNF so comes with the spectrum Rx with SAFE & AS3X stabilization built in.

      Well over priced compared to the ESKY.

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      I just realised that I never updated this build when “Li’l Eagle” was converted from a mono to a biplane so here it is. The conversion was almost as simple as the original build.

      An E-sky Eyas wing from a wrecked plane (ex Moose) was used just to see if it would in fact work.

      The original landing gear was removed and a very small amount of belly foam removed to allow the extra wing to attach at (what I thought) was the right angle and location for a Stagger Wing Biplane.


      Three holes to line up with the original wing mount screws were drilled in the fuselage then after cutting a couple of small holes in the side of the fuse a 3D printed bar, with moulded in fixing nuts was slid into place to pick up the 2 front screws.

      The rear screw was in line with the CF tail reinforcing tube so I just drilled that and epoxied a threaded adaptor in for the rear screw.  Voila, the bottom wing now attaches the same as the original top wing, nice & simple.


      A spare set of landing gear (once again ex Moose’s now extinct Eagle) was pop riveted to a 75mm sq x 1.5mm aluminium plate and this was taped into place on the lower wing.

      I originally intended to make the mount larger & secure it with the wing screws but decided it would do too much damage in a crash landing, in a worse case scenario the tape can just tear off but it hasn’t happened yet.

      A second Y cable was used to allow the top and bottom wing servos to work in unison so that way no additional linkages were needed & as the wings are both self supporting no bracing was required between the wings.


      The “Li’l Eagle” biplane has now been flying for many weeks and apart from being a bit low on power she flies great and its super aerobatic.


      Today I upgraded the stock 2250KV motor for a 2700KV Quad race motor and bench testing suggests that the power is now over 300W where before it was under 150W.

      Current has naturally gone up but it’s still well under the 30A rating of the ESC.

      Tomorrow will tell.


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