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      Looks like my weather mojo has died, today was cold, overcast & windy and did I mention cold with one of those lazy winds that goes straight through you.

      Regardless, four intrepid pilots, Stephen, Gerald, Kermit & yours truly turned up to face the elements. We all got to fly a couple of times but did not stick around for a BBQ lunch today, everyone was too eager to get back to nice warm homes.

      I had a mishap with the “Li’l Eagle” biplane, pilot error in that I was trying to look at Stephen’s broken motor shaft instead of where my plane was flying.  I’m sure it’s broken nose (for the third time) is repairable once again.

      Stephen managed to snap his motor drive shaft on the red devil also today. (the spare shafts I have here are 5mm so no good for you) At least his Decathlon flew well.

      Kermit brought his whole menagerie of planes along today but after a lot of testing & fixing only his Bix 3 wanted to fly.

      Gerald flew his Eyas Eagle but I think that was about it for him today. Hopefully he got some decent video the rest of the time.

      As mentioned I flew & pranged “Li’l Eagle” but had more luck with a flight from the Excalibur V2 (after repairs from last weeks rough landing) & a couple of flights with the SonicModel AR  Wing.

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      Wow! That was good flying in the blustery conditions Mr Kermit.  Well done.

      Similar conditions out at the duck with quite a bit of DF95 nose diving.

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        We had quite a lot of nose diving as well Ron.

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        Well done Mr Frog, another fine video

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      And here is my video from a cold windy day.

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        Another nice one Gerald showing our antics on a cold & windy day in all their 4K glory

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      Today’s voting is ready to post but I’ll wait till after tea just in case our intrepid Overseas correspondent Hoppy wishes to add a video from his neck of the woods.

      I’ll wait till 7:30 just in case he is out sailing again in the lovely summer weather of the Philippines.

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      WHAT A FREEZING DAY if it wasnt for UNCLE G cuddling me most of the morning  (UNSOLICITED ) I swear I would be an ice cube right now  but still we all flew ….an crashed .. an still had a fun morning Excellent videos from CLINT  and the Sinker  but there can only be one  for the……… GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD

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        Not “all” of us crashed, but yes it was a fun but cold morning.

        Sorry but I don’t like your chances for the GMA Kermit – No Donuts! (even though I did like your video)

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      The Polls are now open.

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      Here is my drone footage from a wedding we went to this week. The vid starts at the drone start or you can scroll back and see wedding clips from my mobile:



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      This weeks winner of the Golden Moose Award is ;

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      Congratulations Gerald, another fine 4K production.

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      WELL if that doesnt take the cake  A whipper snipper of a lad took out the big  one  UNCLE G is now play’n with clint an cesil  is it a flash in the pan or has he got the mojo  to carry on  Peope power has spoken  Well done young fella …………………….just say’n

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      Well done Gerald. But we need a discussion on what happens if its a 50/50 tie. Does the President then get the casting vote? This is the big issue in The Philippines at the moment.

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      ohhh good point there hoppychew min   emmm let me see….. if the PRESIDENT  is indisposed  then it would be up to his 2ic right ? Now who is that  oh its me  …I could deliver a fair and just verdict  IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT …………………………just say’n

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      Thanks all.

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      A good 4K production Gerald.

      You captured the crashes in fantastic resolution.

      Well done.

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        Yes well we all had to help  ROBO RON  an if crashing was to do it then so be it WERE ONLY TO HAPPY TO BRING THIS NEW BOY INTO THE CLUB

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