RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered The NEW Bix 2 Sport

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      The replacement  kit for the old Bix 2 Predator Sport is now all together & ready to take to the air.

      Used all the electrics from the old Bix (including the much more powerful motor) except for the ZOHD Kopilot (which I pinched to try in the AR Wing).

      This time the Bix just has a Hobby Eagle A3-V2 stabiliser for training purposes & for the first time the control surface throws have been set (may need some tweaking) for correct handling in manual mode.

      The FY-41AP Lite & later on the ZOHD Kopilot always did a fine job in stabilising the Bix so manual mode tended to miss out on any fine tuning. This time I’ll try something different.

      The kit came with the stickers installed and whilst they look good, only being water transfer stickers, they don’t usually wear well.

      I’ll see how they go but in all probability they will all get removed & a new livery added. The under wing stickers have already been replaced as they were stuck over parts that needed to be removed for building the kit & installing the servo’s etc.

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