RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered The new VTOL plane

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      While Kermit has been out enjoying flying at his new field I have been home beavering away sorting out my new (second hand) V22 Infinity Osprey. It suffered a bit of damage during transit (and I suspect a bit from the previous owner) however all is now repaired & functioning.

      Got the grey tail fin painted white yesterday & added the red trim & RESCUE wording so that part is now done.

      Got the receiver fitted and am slowly working through aligning all the control surfaces & engine nacelles, quite easy once you figure out how it all goes together.

      A bit more alignment & testing tomorrow & it should be ready for a VTOL and hover test.


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      Should be the ideal plane for Kermit’s new field

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      bring it on baby  quite big init  seriously though  bring it down  no flight fees  ……………….just landing fees

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        That’s OK he can land in my back yard – no fees

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      She flies, hooray

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      I never doubted  it would fly but for the sake of a few few hundred dollars landing fees  you could have had  TOP GUN LANDING  FIELD  all to your self …………………………just say’n

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      Thanks my little green friend, I’ll come and visit next time you are flying there and it’s not raining

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      WELL OK THEN   if you fly with me then there is no fee’s   but thats only for you…. if the sinker wants to play  then its full fees for him …………………………..just say’n

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      Nice hovering Mike. Gee, it looked like you came close to the clothes line!!!

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        Yes Ron, it got a bit close at one stage but between the clothes line, the garden shed, sun-deck & car there is not a lot of clear air in our backyard.
        That’s why I thought I better pack it away while the going was good.

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      Nice, we were having a lot of them flying around Subic Bay but the Special Forces versions have now been grounded due transmission problems. They are noisy buggers so nice to have some quiet. Even the other versions still flying have 3 times the accident rate of normal planes and copters.

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        Thanks Chris, even this one is quite noisy in VTOL mode due to the tail mounted EDF. When that shuts down in normal flight it’s reasonably quiet due to the low kv main motors and big props.

        I think it’s now set up correctly so it should be all ready for it’s first real flight.

        Something different anyway.

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      After yesterday’s successful (albeit very short) flight, thought I better install the Prop Support upgrade as suggested by the manufacturer.

      Couldn’t find any of the fibreglass support upgrades on line anywhere so nothing else to do but design & 3D print them.

      This is the factory version

      and this is my 3D design which I think is pretty close (well it fits OK anyway).


      Also replaced the blade fixing screws with a slightly longer version for better fixing.





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      They look just like the bought ones.

      And you didn’t have to wait on the postage!

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      Congratulations, Mike!  Great to have something different…seems to fly well too!

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        Thanks Ian, well you know me, always on the lookout for something a bit different

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      YEP me to  but the dragon wont let me play with/ her/them

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