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      IF WE PRANG A PLANE RETRIEVING IT IS CALLED “THE WALK OF SHAME ” if we collide with the mud flats we laugh at the poor buggar  but I think it should have the same distinction as flying so who is the first recipient of this lofty title  No names just look at the pictures   four sailed in quite nice weather  good wind light to fair Captn Pugwash had his nice polished big boat’y thing out  and went well in the conditions We all at one time or another hassled him  such is the way   Predator with his 65  and Pete (pinky ) 65 were nippin up an down the canal like they owned it  we had about 20 + canoeists paddling up the canal but were stopped at the floating bridge by  Predator and Pinky who refused to give them way so they went under the bridge  quite amusing seeing some of the larger paddlers doing the limbo  and the rest getting in line to follow while the terrible two were just circling the gap not giving an inch with the Capt’n  in reserve circling at the rear very decent of the trio letting them continue down the canal paddling quite fast too First time we have seen that many probably the last to   you might be asking where was I  well I was fixing my sails on the hard but watched the fiasco  unfolding  and thinking I didn’t think those three would do that  but there ya go The last man to leave was…………..  THAT WAS OUR DAY what did you do






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      Oh well someone had to run aground, at least I picked the closest side (and didn’t get wet), not like someone else who shall remain nameless !!

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