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      WELL as the title says THE WEED BEAT US   four today tried to sail with only two actually on the water  due to the said weed  the only bright thing to happen was the SINKER was up and about and the about part was with us at the SUNNY end once again the dear boy wanted to play with us but unfortinually  that couldn’t happen .  CHINA wasn’t going to put his boat in but the thought that he would go home without splashing his bottom forced his hand  with the result 10 minutes of avoidance sailing he did succumb to the dreaded gunk  along with my boat joining him for a short weed session ( gotta love that stuff )  with both of us high as a kite it was decided to leave just as the rain restarted with a tad bit of force   NOW  here’s the thing the dear ol gents you know em as the wheel chair mob  they actually were there   YEP I CAN ONLY guess that with their failing eye sight they couldn’t see the floating weed ya gotta ❤ love the dear ol things  SCOTTY the only one down there with eye sight decided to return to the shore with his go go speed boat full throttle up on to the shore thus saving a walk to the shore line he must be getting to the age of arhhh  I’ll bring the boat up to me  So with the last female jogger passing big bad dave   we all departed  …………………….just sayn

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      Yes kermit

      it was loud and proud today

      dreading sinkers vid
      all day trying to start it

      Boats name chatty chitty bang bang

      or should I say

      shitty shitty bang bang

      theres lots in a name

      anyway all day trying to start it

      problems all over the place and finally when I do get it going the battery becomes disconected

      anyways only way is up from here

      just saying


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      fruity ol cobber  don’t worry about the sinkers video as a mate of yours he’ll  do the right thing an not expose the malfunction in a bad light …as it were  . BUT  if you have rocked his boat  then boy look out  he may try to take you out as president an install himself as the top caretaker for the ol folks  ……………………….just say’n

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      heads up I know

      after me miss hearing his diagnosis from the last couple of weeks

      who would of thought sniffles could sound like syphilis on a bad phone line

      anyways there was excitement our dnd

      what about your end sounds like same old same old

      aint that boring week in week out

      just saying


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      Sorry I’ll take back my excuses for incident

      it happened cause of speed wobbles

      with me bad heart and all

      i felt light headed

      next thing I know me boat was doing 50 ks

      andi couldn’t handle it


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      fruitie dear boy  that’s ok about your boat but can you handle the sinker plying for your top job? as for our Sunny end 😎  there is no dissent for we have No rules No leader just core members of a similar dispersion ie couldna give a stuff    so you see if big bad Dave can resist chasing the female joggers  there is no issues, Sailing takes skill AND  talent unlike steering a putt putt in a circle  or tripping out of your wheel chair…… Nope not boring

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        Yes Kermit, you showed plenty of talent today?

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      The Weed DIDN’T Beat Us!

      What a great day it turned out to be considering the weather forecast.

      Light winds, plenty of sunshine early with only a small bit of weed floating around.

      A good turn-out of Marine Modellers but looked like only three “Bloaters” in attendance. (Only saw two yachts on the water)

      Scotty had his new mono nitro boat, had a few teething problems early, but Scotty soon sorted them out. (Sort of)

      There was plenty of slower boats to keep us occupied and we all had a good laugh at Kermit and Co. running aground again.

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      Congrats to the honourable sinker for at last a video that doesn’t require you to drop off whilst watching it. Its been a long time  coming  I do have a question I noticed RANDELL  didn’t have his white cane but he did have his dark glasses on SOOO  how was he able to drive fruit loops boat ……was some one yelling out directions    LEFT  RIGHT    etc   narhhhh seriously    how did he do it     incidentally your request to secretly join our group  has been approved  congratulations   as usual you can use the spare boat you’ve been using for the last 3/4 weeks    NICE VIDEO 👍

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