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      It gives me much pleasure to announce this weeks winner


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        I STRONGLY PROTEST   no other video is up  an I have paid my bribe to the Mr moose  I am not prepared to waste my bribe money  $5.50   to this fabricator of video awards  for his personal use   this injustice must stop    as a pensioner we cant Offord to throw hard earned money  away  unlike some that can bribe with out conscious to get two  mediocre video awards  one after the other  We had uncle g at our sailing platform today begging to be allowed back into the fold  to which as gentlemen sailors that we are  accepted his apology  so I expect no award to him tonight  AS NO PAYMENT was given………    interesting times

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      Just to silence all the howls of discontent I will post the Moose’s video here as I guess no one could find it in the other place.

      Due to lack of time the Moose’s video is attached to the end of the Rebuild Maiden voyage footage.

      When the moosik stops the Moose STARTS.

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      SOOO  ARE WE TO TAKE IT    that its moose’s video as he has taken the credit for it and awarded the top prize to himself …….how does that feel knowing that yours was the best part    When the mooosik stops  so should have the rest of the video ………………………………….just say’n

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      Congratulation’s Moose, great video!

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      oh my gosh  is UNCLE G  MR MOOSES  brother  these two are stuck together like Siamese twins  CONGRATULATION’S  MOOSE great video  an thanks for my next award  next Saturday

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