RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 This Weeks Winner for planes

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      Methinks there is something nefarious going on in the Awards system.

      May have to look at banning it.

      Always a worry when the winner doesn’t even have a video in the mix this week.

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      Well no surprise there UNFORTUNATELY predator  UNCLE G  did have a video or rather a small section in mine  and as UNCLE G  has probably paid in advance   that is all the fur coat requires  to  justify  this outragious abuse of power  I however thought your outstanding video was the winner for sure   IT was polished  clean video  good content  all the hallmarks that are essential  for publication on our magnificent  forum  Im a wondering if our honourable president should get involved even if its just to put the fur coat over his knees an spank his hairy butt ……. We can get UNCLE G to video it so he can get another gong

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      Well gentlemen you know the rules to become a grand winner of such a prestigious award

      I am also prepared to let each of you have my account number

      Uncle G is rapidly becoming a GRAND MASTER of video production


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      OH MY GOD ……HAVE YOU NO SHAME  to put such an honerable award up for a price is just despicable  shocking  why has a loverable moose like you gone to the hoof  succumbed to the dollar ……… if your running short for a few bob  say so we can organise a  “help the moose fund ”  I will run it on your behalf   just return the golden moose award back to worthy recipients

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