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      Another good day for flying, a bit more wind than was forecasted.

      Special thanks to Kermit for the great barbecue and suppling the entertainment.

      Only four in attendance today, Mike, Stephen, Kermit and myself.

      My video,


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      Yes Gerald, another fine day of flying amongst friends, and yes thanks Kermit for your BBQ skills once again today.

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      Will review your footage soon. We just had a long day sail today. Fishing involved paying a couple of kids to arrange BBQ fish for us to collect from the beach. Now thats my idea of fishing!


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      I believe ol hoppy sailed through the night  (as he had swum through radioactive water last week ) he didn’t need lights AS FOR COOKING FISH he just waves his hands over em  ……done in just 2 minutes

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      What a great day trip and a most excellent cooking arrangement 😁

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