RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Thursday Fly-In @ the Field 9-12-2021

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      Another fine day for flying greeted the small band of enthusiasts today.

      No prangs, no fly off’s, just a peaceful day of flying, topped off with the customary BBQ lunch.

      Ian (RM) & Rian joined the usual gang of Hoppy, Uncle G, Stephen & Predator today. Kermit is still missing in action trying to complete some final works on his shack before his council permit expires.  No doubt he will be back to join us soon.



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      Well done Mike, Ralph Jnr. looked good at that speed!

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        Loved Ralph being “attacked” by the swallows 😉. Great videos, as usual.👏

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      A nice peaceful day at the field.


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        Another nice one Uncle G, Kermit will be so pissed !!

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          Who’s Kermit?

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      nice videos men sorry I could not join you today  had another appointment I will be there next time

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