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      The following video by Patrick Rynne gives a good presentation of some simple sailing rules that will be helpful for every skill level of skipper in our fleet and make the restart of the 2020 season a lot more fun for everyone.

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      Excellent, thanks Col. Even I could understand it, now just to remember it.

      This should be mandatory viewing by all our skippers, a bit like social distancing MANDATORY.

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      Here is another good one,

      It’s for full size yachts, but the basics are the same.


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        Yes, its all there but rather confusing. I think I’ll stick to the first one. Plain & simple, just like me!!

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        Yes it’s all there but a bit clunky and confusing on a smartphone. The video from Patrick is plain speak and easy to understand. Best for our guys IMHO

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      Patrick undersells the fun attached to attacking the windward mark on Port tack!!

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        He’s a laid back kinda guy lol

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      OK ADMIRAL YOU GOT ME …whats IMHO and lol  “another one as well”  MANDATORY  is that a new rule

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        Oh Kermie. It’s complicated I know, what with all these new fangled abbreviations & acronyms flying about these days, what’s a frog to do?
        IMHO – In my honest opinion
        LOL/ lol – laugh out loud.

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