RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Tuesday Fly In @ The Field 13-04-2021

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      The decision was made to fly today even though the weather wasn’t the greatest but it certainly was the best on the horizon till at least the weekend with Snow, Rain & Wind coming from an approaching Cold Front and lasting several days.

      Kermit, Uncle G & Predator were the only ones to front today but we all enjoyed some good flying & a lunchtime BBQ.

      Our friendly Eagle was tagging along again today & I got some great video of him (real close up) from the BumbleBee & I think Kermit got some with his Handicam from the ground.

      My first video is from the XT25e, this time with cowl mounted rear facing camera (only the little #16 HD keyring cam) as I was testing a newly acquired flight battery (XF Power 4500mAh 75C LiPo) and didn’t want to risk any of the bigger & better cameras in case something went wrong.


      The second video is from 2 separate flights of BumbleBee, Flight 1 is with Kermit chasing me with his little Fox glider & Flight 2 is with our resident eagle playing tag. So long as he keeps his landing gear (Talons) retracted I know I’m safe & he is just playing along, if he lowers the landing gear it’s do a quick loop and get out of there.


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      Sandford’s David Attenborough

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      Well done men.

      The award this week would have to go to predator and his eagle

      What happened to the Kermit Bloopers

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        I agree Mr moose  the eagle and the scenes were outstanding AS FOR THE BLOOPERS  predator was the only one to have had the misfortune for him  for me to catch his oooops moment

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      unfortunately my video with  the eagle with predators aircraft is a no go that part had a video clip section with the top half in white the bottom black quite a lot of frames useless n I was going to use that as the head liner  NOT A GOOD DAY ALL UP FOR ME  buggar buggar

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      We could have used some of that wind at the duck

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      yea RICKY but uncle G was using it all down here with his two orifices  I don’t know what it was but he was going off like Christmas fire works at Sidney bridge

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      Thanks all for most enjoyable and professional videos……loved the eagle , Mike; but maybe an Immelman turn would get   you away quicker?

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      Thank you Mr president for that wisdom which of Couse would work a treat ….but perhaps because we are in a eagle zone  perhaps  the Kermit manoeuvre  would be more appropriate and less stressful on RALPH ….. WHERE AS RALPH APPROACHES YOUR AIRCRAFT  with the intension of using it as food   you speak to him through your new Kermit megaphone built into you putt putt to which you say  gently but firmly   BUGGAR OFF YA GREAT BIG SISSY  lets try that  we will let predator try it out first ay ………just sayin

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        I should at this stage of the proceedings say that “Ralph” has never approached “BumbleBee” with any thought other that a bit of play on his mind.  He has always kept his talons furled and just floated around.

        It does however always pay to be prepared just in case he changes his mind or even worse, one day it’s NOT “Ralph”.

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      A BIG YES Mr  predator sir  for RALPH has a brother  FRED  who is known to attack any thing  in his path that is why  the Kermit  manoeuvrer is favoured  for it will scare the EAGLE  poop outa him  thus giving you the chance to land    AND AT TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL we teach this famous manoeuvre  at a discount for those over 78  to which you are alleged to be qualified   for  UNCLE G   said   ….just sayin

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      Mike, have a look at the cloud formation at timestamp 6:59 of your eagle video from the BumbleBee.
      There is the image of an eye looking down on the left hand side of the picture.
      The missus reckons if you look close enough and have a bit of imagination, you can almost see a beak to the right of the eye.
      What do you reckon?

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        Yes, doesn’t take too much imagination to see the Eagle eye & beak, just look at the picture as a whole rather than trying to pick out individual bits and the Eagle head profile is right there.


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      Well spotted Mrs Ron

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      NICE to know MRS RON looks at our videos    but by now you all should be referring to RALPH   not the EAGLE   he is a pacifist RALPH EAGLE   unlike his brother  FRED  who is aggressive   so com’on  you pilot jockeys  its RALPH   we don’t call UNCLE G  AUNTIE G  now do we

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      Thank you Mr Moose and Mr Kermit.

      I reckon we should start calling one of the eagles Karen.


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      WHY?  ralph is a real live man thing an fred hes just an animal  sooo wheres KAREN……  OHHH I SEE  instead of UNCLE G  we say theres that flamin KAREN    …..SNEAKY cobber

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