RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Tuesday Fly-In @ the Field

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      As is usually the case our resident Weather Guru Mr Moose esq picked yet another perfect day for flying.

      The flying day started around 10:00am with just enough sunshine & no wind and continued to improve up until lunchtime.

      There was another good turn up today with Gerald, Kermit, Moose, Mike, Andrew & Ian and all got to fly something. Ian continues to have radio problems (which we partially sorted) so he opted to fly his Phantom 4 Quad while all the rest flew planes.

      Gerald had his 2m Ranger & his Eyas Eagle, Kermit flew the Sky Surfer & his FunCub, Moose had the 1600mm Ranger, the Trainstar Epoch (which spent a short while parked in a tree) & his Razor, I flew the Sky Shadow & AR Wings, the Slow Poke & Bumble Bee, Andrew attempted to maiden his foamboard Spitfire (without much success) and flew one of his larger gliders without incident today.

      As usual Kermit supplied a superb BBQ for lunch & after a feed and a lot of story telling (including a visit from Ken-VK7DY) we got back into flying in an increasing easterly breeze before packing it away for the day.


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      Thanks Moose for the weather and Kermit for the barbecue and mowing the runway.

      Here is my little video from today,

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        A shortie but quality video Gerald, thanks.

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          BRILLIANT IS THE  ONLY APPROPRIATE word for this world class video UNCLE G . Im proud to have been in this video  once again MR MOOSE is showing favouritism to his beloved son  predator

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        Another nice video Mr Frog, it’s nice to catch up with what else is happening around the field when you are airborne & concentrating on your own plane.

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      After sitting up all night trying to judge the winner of the G.M.A I finally went to bed at 7am still undecided.

      However on reflection I have decided to give the award to the gentleman of our flying squad


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        Congratulations Mike, well deserved

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          YES I KNOW YOUR HURTING UNCLE G    but some day one day MR MOOSE will see the hurt he is inflicting on you…. THE  next Celcil de la mare  and forget his empire and return to the real world …………………..just sayn

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            Sorry Kermit, I’m not hurting. I’m just pleased that the award went to the correct person who posted the best videos for the day.

            I have great respect for our wise, impartial, unbiased, helpful and friendly judge.

            It’s good of him to take the time to review all the videos that come in each week, considering sometimes he has to stay up all night waiting for some entries?


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              oh my gosh what a perfect attack  deny the hurt make him feel bad  but also make him feel good by your kind words …brilliant strategy   a bit to wishy washy for me but there ya go …..I had 3 crashes last night on the production side  two I saved on file and was able to start from them  so it was late for me to BUT I  stayed the distance an got it done  just so the fur knotted fur coat wouldnt grizzle

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        Thank you Mr Moose for our kind words.

        Now prepare for the tirade.

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      THEN LET IT BEGIN  AFTER WATCHING a absolute corker of a video   (UNCLE G ) who does the mud encrusted fur coat give the prized GMA award to …………but his adopted son MR PREDATOR    NOW IM NOT SAYN  mini moose  didnt have excellant videos I loved the under belly shots  and  “around the field ”  but for quality not quanitity I believe  the award was stolen from UNCLE G so it could stay  in the family whats next …………… PRESIDENT   MR MOOSE ?………………………………..just sayn

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      Kermit don’t be such a poor looser you should know by now you haven’t reach the standard that is required for such a presidios award

      ps and you never will

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        oh that hurt  …”.and you never will “..just for that my videos will have no fur coat in them your putt putts will be there but you wont  an invisible man cant be president ……………………just sayn

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      Thank you all… Brilliant cinematography….and editing! Remember… President for life and Beyond!

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      Great vid Hoppy how far from your yacht

      Is travel easy to get about

      Do you plan to up anchor and move about or stay in the one place

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