GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Tugboat from WA 2021

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      Actually got to take one of my yachts for a sail while on a recent holiday. No power boats this time as did not have time to sort any out. Took the Beili Poseidon RG65 as per last year as it was still rigged sitting in the corner for a fair go, abiet with a bit of dust but not nearly as much as the others. Also took a few cameras with different amounts of success. Had a Runcam 2 still in its box after a few years, that wont surprise a few of you who read this. Before we left got it out and charged it, inserted card and pressed record and took it for a tour of the house inside and out to see how it performed. Not a problem so that was designated for the hat cam. Well the morning I got the most sailing in it failed to record. Tried getting it going at our accommodation but to no success. Don’t know what is wrong with it, have not had a chance to check it now we are home. So the Nautilus after a swim went back on the hat. Ignore the date stamps, must fix that one day. Eventually got to test the pendulum rear mount I made many years ago. Had an idea as well as a weight a small fin trailing in the water would act as a damper, oh well it was a good idea but forgot a hull does not track in a straight line, oh then there is what happens when you adjust the rudder. Back to the drawing board.

      The Poseidon sailed reasonably for a cheap plastic. The main problem was because I had to double haul the sheets because I was using a standard full signal range Tx which was not programmable it made the sheet speed way to slow. Also had a sheet failure but that was down to me. Taped up the hatch and it was dry in side at the end of sailing.

      Anyway as you can see the weather was perfect apart for the breeze not playing its part, so got to go sailing which is something I have not since this time last year and then the breeze did not cooperate, back past then a long time. Lots of valid and not so reasons, hopefully might get some hulls wet this year.

      Hope you are all well and starting to see life slowly returning to normal whatever that may be.

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      HALLOWWW TUGBOAT  GREAT VIDEO THE WATER REMINDES ME OF OUR LAUDERDALE  beach except its not as clear as yours an its not white sand …more green /gray  but the sky is the same ….. except we have more dark grey fluffy stuff up there…. other than that carbon copy an as for us getting back to normal  we dear boy have been back to normal for a year now  no masks for us house prices have leaped and  bounded  for your mob have discovered Tasmania  the safe island no wanna be’s down here  cobber  well that’s not quite true  we had a fella try to build the great wall from his place to Glenorchy  an a fellow flyer who thinks his receivers run by smoke  an then there’s the mooose who just cannot stop chasing female joggers when were at the canal  their safe cos he can only toddle an then stops for a breather…… so embarrassing    just for a stir I might get him a drink of V  just to see if he can get to a trot  look forward to more riveting videos from  WA … STAY SAFE     KERMIT

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      Thanks Kermit, not sure on the riveting part but hopefully a few more than last year, hang on a sec I have already equaled that so there is hope.. It was a good relaxing time, just what the doctor ordered.

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      Thanks for the video Tug, certainly a beautiful looking beach to sail from, the underwater footage is so clear compared to our canal its embarrassing.

      Glad you are getting out to enjoy it while the weather is still nice.

      Looks like we may get another Indian Summer down this way similar to last year. Weather is almost perfect at the moment.

      Anyway I must away as we are flying today & hopefully I will get to maiden the Pulse XT 25e that I recently finished. Also refitted the ply engine mount back in the little Pitts Special (the 3D printed ones have all failed for one reason or another) so with a bit of luck she may get a bit more airtime today.


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      What a great location very jealous

      Don’t take any notice of the frog he is very slimey individual and slips from subject to subject

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      Thanks Pred, hope the flying went well, will catch up later tonight and see how the day went.

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        No worries Tug, the new Pulse XT 25e flew beautifully, just hope someone got some video of it. The little Pitts biplane also went well but I’ll need to replace the rudder servo before next flight as it sounds like its missing a tooth or two when turning in one direction.


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      Moose, unfortunately only get down there 1 or 2 weeks in the year. The weather is not normally as kind as it was this time. Could not have asked for better weather. Well maybe a bit more breeze when I wanted to go sailing.

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      Tug, just a quick “maybe” with your RunCam 2. The battery connections to the camera are a pretty poor design and I found almost from new that I needed a piece of card (cut same size as the battery) jammed underneath between the battery and the case to get a reliable connection.

      Of course the other option may be a stuffed battery if it was stored in a discharged state for a long time.

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      Will have a look at that thanks Pred, camera appeared to be powered up as the indictor lights were on and indicating recording. Have another battery so will try that. Worked fine a few days before we left for 8 minutes test. Just something to join the to be looked at pile.

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