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      Unboxing the new V2 Focus

      First thing is it comes in a really BIG box (hence the $35.00 + postage to Tassie) but they still managed to deliver it within a couple of days, well done HW.

      The outer box is just that so we will start the pictorial at the inner box.


      Once the outer lid is removed you find the standard multi compartment styro box that well protects the lightweight blow mould hull and all other bits & pieces.

      One of the first things that springs to notice is the size (diameter) of the mast, While the DF95 is 8mm the V2 Focus is (at a guess as I didn’t have a ruler) 12mm. The boom vang is still the same as the 65/95 one only now it fits up the other way on a stepped down mast foot.

      The servo tray, whilst similar to the 95 is one piece only, reminiscent of the first plastic servo trays in the DF65 (V3 from memory)

      Rear deck arrangement is also along similar lines to the 65/95

      The foredeck has 6 attachment points and whilst I wasn’t in attendance for the final assembly (happening no doubt as I sit here typing) they no doubt allow for jib adjustment and such.

      Both the jib boom & main boom come fitted up with all their attachments etc

      Jib Boom counterweight

      Jib Topping Lift

      Main Boom

      The Mast as previously mentioned is 12mm Carbon Fibre two piece with a carbon fibre joining piece

      (also tube) and prefitted with jib attachment.

      The Mast Joiner

      The keel box (for want of a better term) is significantly different to what we have seen, it is a two (well 3 actually) piece arrangement with one part fixed into the deck


      View from below

      View from deck

      and one part (with removable mast support) fixed to the plastic keel

      Bottom of keel also has another fitting attached to take the substantial keel bulb

      The rudder looks quite tiny when put up against the keel fin

      but is larger than the one on the 95 (just)

      The main sheet has a post rather than a bridle (much better arrangement as long as its strong enough

      The Hull is blow moulded plastic with a painted finish (not fantastic finish but pretty much what you would expect)

      Comparison between DF 95 & Focus V2

      Significant Beam difference 125mm vs 170mm

      Length difference 950mm vs 995mm

      Finally on to the sails

      They actually look better in the flesh than in the photo & once rigged should take shape OK.

      The manual is fairly standard

      as is the radio

      The sail winch appears to be the same blue cased one as in the DF95

      (no doubt with the same fault – but yet to be confirmed)

      There is also a bag of miscellaneous screws, fittings etc

      One thing I forgot to mention is the sailing weight, @ 3450 g she is significantly heavier that the 95 @ 2000 g & 550g lighter than an IOM.

      She carries 52.73 dm2 of sail compared to 37.36 dm2 on the 95 and 60 dm2 approx for IOM “A” or 41 DM2 approx for IOM “B”


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